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Social media is the key to enhance your digital branding. Using social media, you aim at diversifying your brand network in the online space, reaching global consumers and getting more personal with your audience.

To achieve these objectives, you’re of course present on multiple social platforms. However, while running social media campaigns or sending out live posts or perhaps tweets are you simultaneously managing your brand presence on all your social platforms? Or is it that, you are doing excellently well in one and losing your people in some other platforms? It may also happen that often you find yourself completely clueless about all that’s going in the social world.

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If that is so, you’re not alone. Many online brand managers like you swelter in their AC rooms thinking about ways to simplify social media management. Only a few knows the right way, i.e. social management tools.

These interactive tools help you to measure your brand performance in each medium, maintain real-time tracking and monitor all activities that are taking place across all your social pages. Thus, from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube along with other online destinations; you can efficiently streamline social media management and bring things within your grip.

And to help you in making the right choice, here are the top 10 tools through which you can boost your social media management efforts.

1.    Guestpost

Guestpost.com is the best if you are using social media to capture a new audience. The tool allows you to perform guest posting on blogs. Using this, you can also find blogs to optimize your posting efforts and bring new people to your social pages. Not just blogging, Guestpost.com is a great tool for tracking pitch process across all social media platforms. You can also consistently follow-up with your potential consumers at real-time.

guestpost social media tool singapore

Click HERE to access the site.

2.    Wistia

If you’re using YouTube as a part of your social media plan, you must be aware of its limited analytics. Wistia takes you deep into your YouTube audience, offers useful insights and presents a broader view of those watching your/ allied videos. Studying and analyzing such insights will help to create better and more useful videos in your future initiatives. Thus, you can make the most of your YouTube prospects and enhance digital branding in the video sharing platform.

wista social media tool singapore

Click HERE to access the site.

3.    Followerwonk

Followewonk is the biggest online following network that provides you in-depth insights about your targets and other audience. It has a specialized app that enables you to find the most suitable influencers who perfectly fit your existing brand profile. You can, therefore, increase your sales and expand your digital network. With the help of its in-built reporting tools, you can present your brand profile to potential investors and business partners and increase chances of investment.

followerwonk social media tool singapore

Click HERE to access the site.

4.    Agorapulse.com

Manage all your posts, tweets, and chats from one place with Agorapulse.com. It’s one of the best social media management tools that allows you to create, schedule and publish content on your social sites and monitor all activities across your social platforms. Using this, you can track your social activities at real-time, conduct contests, quizzes, and promotions and measure your success metrics by analyzing the detailed statistics and reporting of this tool.

Agorapulse social media tool singapore

Click HERE to access the site.

5.    Brand24.com

Brand24.com brings you to social media trends. From monitoring your social media performance to researching brand-specific topics; it helps you in all aspects. At the same time, you can smartly find out what’s trending and what’s not, read discussions, analyze your activities and weight its effectiveness against your competitors. The best of all? You can detect sales opportunities and enjoy real-time access to online mentions from audience and influencers.

brand24 singapore

Click HERE to access the site.

6.    Meokay.com

With the help of Meokay, you can build chatbots and send advertising messages to your subscribers. Meokay.com easily connects through Messenger and allows you to track comments on Facebook and Messenger. Using this, you can also push on-demand offers and deals to your users and spot variations on your trigger words. What can be a more wonderful way to manage social media?

Click HERE to access the site.

7.    Cyfe.com

Cyfe is a comprehensive social media dashboard where you can keep real-time social media data and analytics and refer to them, whenever required. Cyfe.com has inbuilt widgets using which you can pull data from any social media, generate live reports, previous archive information and display data in a more secure manner. Simultaneously, you can download information in various formats- JPEG, PDF and more.

Click HERE to access the site.

8.    SocialLiners.com

Embrace a new and innovative way of connecting with your customers and influences, with SocialLiners. The remarkable social activity management tool eases your time-consuming and tedious work of reaching out to specific audiences and getting them to see your social media profiles. It efficiently upgrades your social activity and takes you to the most appropriate crowd who are more likely to purchase your product. In the end, you not only make new friends but also actively engage them in your brand through your social media activities. You also end up in successful influencer marketing.

Click HERE to access the site.

9.    PromoRepublic

The tool is available at free-of-cost. You can best use it to get new ideas, visuals and templates, as many as 100,000 for your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. PromoRepublic has a team of professional copywriters and designers who create attractive templates and visual posts for your social pages. With its pre-built Graphics Editor feature, the tool also enables you to customize templates according to your requirements and post consumer-eccentric or brand-eccentric messages on social media sites. Above all, you can auto-schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Click HERE to access the site.

10.    Chattypeople   

And if you are looking for a 360° social media management tool, nothing is as good as Chattypeople. From its compatibility with multiple CMS platforms to its campaign management and delivery engine modules, you can do a lot with Chattypeople. It has a simple yet powerful chatbot system through which you can legitimize your Facebook pages and integrate it with your payment systems.

Besides these, you can take help of its customer support module and fine-tune your relationships with leads and loyal customers. You can also connect your brand with various business domains like food and restaurants, eshop with Shopify and many more. The best thing about Chattypeople is that you can start free and later subscribe to a flexible plan that will fit in all your social media requirements. It’s simple, easy and cost-efficient.

chattypeople social media tool singapore

Click HERE to access the site.

Bonus : Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey is a chatbot company for marketers. Without any coding knowledge, you can set up a chatbot that handles your customer interaction on Facebook messenger. The advantage is, you can train your chatbot to respond in your own brand’ style and also keep conversations going with customers 24/7. This is more efficient and cost effective than a person handling the same tasks.


Now that you know the best social media management tools, why wait further? Look into your kind of social media activities, see if you are into organizing campaigns, contests, and promotions or more into blogs and research and make a good choice. Good Luck!!


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