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  •  Lean Startup

This book gives you a framework on how to start a business and build a business that people really want. In our previous article, we had mentioned about Data Driven Marketing and this book teaches a person about using data to build a business. Eric Ries talks about his experiences from the company IMVU and how they went about building a startups. Eric covers something called the MVP which stands for the Minimum Viable Product and he says product teams don’t have to start building their entire software at one go and they could do it slowly step by step gathering data from users. This book is a must for anybody who is looking to start a business and think of the ways you go about it.

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  • Traction

From the founders of Duck Duck Go. Traction breaks down channels of marketing for users. Before you begin, one needs to understand the different channels of marketing that is available and which one fits your startup’s growth. The aspect that the book covers is the 19 different channels of marketing and promotion. It gives a bigger picture overview initially and then delves further into each channel and how you can take advantage of it. There’s never been a marketing book that has covered channels of marketing like this book has.

  • Zero to One

This book touches the heart of the visionary in you. Coming from one of the best venture capitalists in the world who’s investment in Facebook has reached up to $700 Million talks about how big companies start and what their secret sauce is. To give you a gist, bigger companies form new industries they don’t compete in old industries, this gives them a strategic advantage and makes them rise to the multi billion dollar status faster than other companies around.

  • Growth Hacker Marketing

Traditional digital marketing is dead. A startup in this day and age have to get in touch with the latest forms of marketing before they begin. Ryan Holiday’s book, although a bit old now, covers the topic of Growth Hacking and how it’s necessary in this present world. Growth Hacking has these following components.

  1. Spending the least amount of money to reach a lot of people
  2. Building vitality and marketing within the product
  3. Use data to figure out how to market better and who to market better.

  • Steve Jobs

Out of all the books mentioned above, this is the only one that is fictional and a story. It is the story of the late Steve Jobs. Walter Isaacson had mentioned in the book that he hoped that this book as much as it is about Steve Jobs, it is also about Innovation. If you have not read this book, go and get it. It shows the life of a founder, how life can be hard and brutal sometimes and how running a business is a constant war. You will also get into the mind of jobs and who he went about growing Apple to the behemoth it’s become today.

That was our list of books before starting up. Lists like this are subjective, what do you guys think should be in the list of must read books before you start.

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