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Startups live and breath by their ability of promoting themselves to the whole world out there. Startups rely on their client acquisition growth. the higher crowd they manage to pull around their new story, the more attention they’d get. Especially startups with very little to no marketing budgets they are subject to those that quickly implement the growth hacking techniques.

Here I shall recommend top 5 growth hacking blogs I have subscribed and would shout it out to recommend.

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1. Growth Hacker TV

growth hacker tv

Growth Hacker TV works like YouTube for growth hacking enthusiasts. This service was founded by Ivan Kirigin, the growth hacker of Dropbox. Though this isn’t a free service but this definitely is  the website for serious growth hackers. It comes at a monthly subscription of $29. They already have 50 episodes ready with lectures from the top growth hackers responsible for Facebook, Dropbox, Hulu, Linkedin, Expedia, etc.

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2. Grow Hack

grow hack

This is one of these amazing blogs dedicated to quality articles on growth hacking tips and tricks. What I love is their in-depth case studies of how companies can apply growth hacking technique. These are very useful for startups. They also offer paid growth hacking courses on their website for learning in depth about executing growth hacking principles.

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3. Growth Hackers

growth hacker

Ill call Growth Hackers the ‘Hacker News for Growth Hackers‘. The site is a real-time news aggregator dedicated solely to growth hacking. There are quite a number of web aggregators similar site structure as of the Hacker News, however the quality of the articles posted there are good gems.

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4. Startup-marketing


Here is the blog of none another than the one who came up with the word ‘Growth Hacking’ – Sean Ellis. This is a must visit blog for growth hacking enthusiasts since Sean is the father of the concept of growth hacking. This site contains a huge library of startup marketing tips. not to be missed.

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5. Andrew Chen

andrew chen blog

The quality of articles on growth hacking at Andrew Chen’s blog makes it one of the must subscribe blog to read more about startup marketing. Andrew Chen is an angel investor and adviser in the silicon valley, and previously worked as the director of product marketing at Audience Science. His archives are a great place to dig out his best growth hacking articles.

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That is all folks. If you happen to have good growth hacking blogs to share, do let us know.

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