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Do you plan to use images in your social media marketing campaigns? If yes, then this article is worth reading as it will help you understand how to create better images for your social media campaigns, especially in Singapore.
Images, graphs, and visuals are all significant parts of internet marketing. Consequently, with emerging social networks, social media marketing has occupied the prime status in marketing. There are different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest that are popularly used for social media marketing. Visuals make your social media campaigns much more efficient than they could have been. If you do not know much about visual content creation, then there’s a lot you miss. The following tips will help you create better images for your social media campaigns.

Use different images for different social media campaigns

If you drive massive traffic through one image at a platform, it does not mean posting the same image would be equally strong on the other. Every social media platform is different, and these variations are the only reason for an even popularity. Thus, conduct a study to find out what kind of image would go well on what platform. For example, posting images with an excellent background is ideal for Instagram but not on Pinterest. Considering Pinterest, orange-red images go well with it! Thus, your choices should ensure maximised image performance.

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image on instagram vs pinterest

Each image should have an objective

Every image that you design and post should have an objective. Try to fulfil the goal by posting the image. This ensures a powerful impact of the image in social media campaigns. Your goals can vary in terms of traffic, likes, comments, subscribers, engagement, etc. Suppose you are posting an image over Facebook, then posting a picture with quotes about the company shall be quite useful. On the other hand, when you market a blog post, posting a catchy headline can drive more traffic. Thus, the image posting should be so relevant that you are able to achieve goals easily. Generating inquisitiveness among visitors to read what the post has to say is the ultimate aim of any marketing campaign. To the end, do not have too many goals only with one post. This can obscure your followers leading to the bearing of meagre results.

This is an example of a quote that does pretty well on Investollo Facebook Page. Each post like this generates about 500 post each organically.

investollo quote of the day


Aim the audience

The images you post should not just fancy you but utterly favour the audience of your tearning money online singaporeargeted market. People will entertain your post only when they find it interesting, cool and worth sharing. Thus, think from the visitors’ panorama and then decide what would echo better among your viewers. People usually search for their requirement posting the keyword. You shall be visible only if your image contains similar keywords. Thus, use hashtags to cover up the important ones. Consequently, adding an appropriate image knowing what your audience likes, adding the right keywords is possible only through researching the target market. Generate surveys, look for your competitors’ posts, create polls and you’ll get to know about the same.


Enhance the beauty of visuals with background images

Background images hold higher productivity compared to a blank visual post. Thus, add background images in such a way that your written content comes out adequately visible in the image. There are a number of websites that offer royalty free images. Thus, you can quickly design your images enhancing their value and beauty on your social media posts. Moreover, when you use free websites, they allow you to save and directly post the pictures on different social media platforms making your work easier and smoother. For example, Yotopo is one of the fruitful websites that lets you post your images directly on Instagram. Canva is another worth considering website with free images available. Thus, scan out the best royalty free images and add your text to make them yours. One who has enough budget can always think of hiring professional designers who create original background images letting you create entirely original images.

designing for social media


Add text, logo and brand images

Once you have chosen a background image and planned what to write on the same, the written content should be a text referring to what you have to convey. Like we discussed in the above points, the aim of the image should be to make the visitor curious about opening and finding out what’s more behind the image. Thus, the text should be attractive and be appealing to the visitors. It can be a heading of your blog post, a thing that you are offering, discount rates or anything that helps you attract the customer. Along with the text, it is worth adding your brand image along with a logo or URL that lets people who you are. When someone shares your post, others will easily be able to find out about your website and hence will create an effective promotion.

novatise logowww.novatise.com


Final word

Visuals create a better impact than simply posting a text. Just like your brand, there are thousands of companies who follow social media campaigns. In order to showcase yourself among all, the visuals are the best way to reach the audience and turn them into successful visitors. They are the most significant and engaging elements of your campaigns causing incredible conversions. Create images with impressive backgrounds, attractive texts, URLS, etc. and post them on different social media accordingly to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Social media marketing is the most efficacious and least costing platforms for marketing.

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