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The Universal question to every website owner is how do I drive quality traffic to my website?

Driving quality traffic is mostly based on demand and you provide that supply. But to rank well, you need to make sure you plug that demand in multiple places with different strategies.

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Let’s dive right in!

  • Guest Blogging

This is a huge source of traffic in your Initial days if you are able to convince other bloggers that your content is great. The best way to start out reaching out to other bloggers is to create a list and understand a bit of a psychology as well.

First of all when you are new, not a lot of established media houses will cover your content. So make a list of potential bloggers who are bigger than you(But not too big) and will cover you.

Create a template for them

Hey <Name of Blogger>,

I’m a big fan our work and I especially like the article you wrote on <Insert article name>.  I’m a blogger as well and write pretty exclusive content which is new, original and definitely that your users will like.

I’ve written an article on <Topic> and I think it can be a great addition to your blog. Let me know if you’re Interested and I can send it over!


Your name

This kind of a template can be sent to a lot of other blogs that will be interested in your content.

Once you form a rapport with these blogs and gain traction, you will be able to reach bigger bloggers having shown them success and having been covered in a lot of blogs. This will keep you getting constant traffic, especially when the post is personal and you use link backs to your website.

A content Idea for Guest Blogging should be measured. You’ll need that content to perform well because you want to  keep writing for them and guest blogging. So use this technique called the Skyscraper Technique which is basically find out the best performing content in your niche and writing a better, and a more detailed post filled with Images and Infographics. This is sure to do well.

  • Lead Magnet Campaigns

This is the backbone of Internet Marketing. A lead magnet is basically something valuable that you give away for free that will drive a lot of traffic to your website and get many e-mail sign-ups. Lead magnets can be

  • E-books
  • Free Online Courses
  • Free 1 on 1 Sessions

And more.

So you could use Social Channels like Facebook and Reddit or even Product Hunt to promote your Lead Magnets that will drive traffic to your website. Make sure you are targeting people who will be your users specifically because a Lead Magnet is something free and it will attract people who will not purchase from you at all.

  • Paid Advertising in Niche Websites

This can be actually a pretty effective strategy if you have a small budget and if you target a small blog where you can form a rapport with the blog owner, then you would be able to reach a highly targeted community of people who could potentially buy from you.  Try to avoid generic websites like larger media houses and news if you are a product company. This strategy can be tied with the above ‘Lead Magnet’ strategy as well.

  • Attending Podcast Interviews

Being an Authority on the Internet is more important than ever. If you are able to build a brand around yourself, you will be able to get a lot of followers and in turn drive a lot of traffic to your website. Here is an example of the Author getting Interviewed for a podcast and how that drove a lot of traffic to his website.


  • Quora Answers

Community Platforms like Quora are perfect places to plug-in your content, although subtly. Platforms like Quora are full of questions that are waiting to be answered and if you are able to address a particular niche and Include your website as a legitimate answer that will add value to the user, then you are in the perfect place.  Take a look at the Image below. This Quora user has answered the question and also has a link of his website at the bottom of the answer. This could be a good strategy especially when you give away high quality content for free and you become an Authority. When you are an Authority people will come to your website and just join your e-mail list!

quora answer

  • Side Project

This is a very under-rated strategy and it is just gathering steam. A side project is basically another website that is super valuable and different but brings in a lot of traffic to your main website. A perfect example of this is the company Crew.co who made this website called Unsplash.com which is a website that uploads 10 free High quality images everyday that is royalty free and can be used by anybody in the world without a single penny spent. This website was Crew’s side project that happened to bring them millions of hits a month which trickled to their website as well!

free images website

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