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With a myriad of options available to promote your web content but are all of them effective cost and time wise? With so much of the tactics need to be applied to gather traffic at the website, Content marketers hardly get any time for the same.

Facebook has not only socially connected people worldwide but has become a great medium for marketing your blog content. More than 1 billion people link to the Facebook network every month thus making the medium much stronger for marketers. One more reason for the same is the specific target feature of Facebook, which helps to reach right people on right place and time.

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Reasons for Promoting Content on Facebook

  • Setting up and Managing the Promotions is pretty easy.
  • The option of Targeting helps you reach to potential buyers.
  • The cost of per click on Facebook is comparatively lesser than other channels.
  • The Paid promotion features help in expanding the post.

As Facebook is considered as a much more powerful tool for content promotion, we bring out to you 9 practices which can get more likes on your web content via Facebook at much less cost.

  • Sharing on Facebook

One of the most simple and effective ways to promote your content on Facebook is actually free. You just need to post the article’s URL on the Facebook page of yours. By simply sharing the article on Facebook, you would be reaching to around 2% of the visitors who have read it and liked it. However, it is not necessary that those 2% of people are your organic and targeted people, which lead you to profit. It majorly depends on the credibility of the content whether visitors really liked the content and want to click it on and share on their wall.

sharing link on facebook

More the Number of Likes more will be credibility and more would be the clicks.

Getting the initial likes is challenging for which you can ask your teammates, friends, and colleagues to boost the likes and sharing.

  • Boosting the Content on Facebook

Facebook content can be boosted for which you need to set a Budget and select the target audience, after which the Boost Post would work the magic. Usually, the post should be boosted after an hour of updating the content on Facebook. Also, in the beginning, it is advised to use Facebook campaigning for a day with low cost. This is because it will help you in knowing how the response is and over the time you can increase the time as well as budget.

boosting of fb post

  • Use of Enticing headlines

How many of you actually read the whole content after going though the title of the article? If the headline is catchy or interesting enough then only you would click and move on to read the content. As per experience from Novatise social media team, around 80% of the people never move on to read the article after reading the headline. To have a good headline you can take help of these tactics:-

  • The titles should not be long but preferred to be short ones which can be read at a go.
  • Try to include facts or numbers on the Headlines itself to increase the viability of the content.
  • Try to show the benefits of the article reading to the reader.

An example of a short title.

short title on fb blog post

  • Use of Images

Along with Content if the readers are made avail to the images relating to the topic, it is more likely to be read and shared. Definitely, you must not use those same kinds of photos ruling all over Facebook. It is said that using contrasting colours in images would be highly beneficial among the overcrowded feeds.

  • Writing an Inviting ad copy for readers

You have an alluring Facebook ad post headline and have matched it with the high-resolution image as well but still, there are chances that people won’t click to read the content. Reason being, readers also read the ad copy prior to clicking the post. The Boosted post content on the page needs to be also alluring for the readers which can be done by:-

  • Linking of reader testimonials and facts of the content to accelerate the credibility.
  • As people are very sensitive you can play on the emotional quotient of the readers.
  • Asking questions in the ad copy can also attract people.
  • Showing common problems as well their solutions is a great idea too.
  • Testing A/B for better outcome

There are times when you would not be able to decide upon an attractive headline and contrasting image. To search out the best among all you can simply have an A/B Facebook testing which helps you in comparing the outcome of various ad posts. It is always good if you test:-

  • Target visitors
  • Various Ad titles and images
  • Placement of the advertisement
  • Multiple Facebook Boost posts

It is said that not many of the content marketers use the A/B testing method which is, in fact, more useful as more the testing you do, less would be time consumed in not so potential ads.

Note: – For knowing the relevancy of the A/B results, at least 200 clicks are needed to come to any decision.

  • Targeting right audiences

It is not that every age group or type of people will read your post. If your post is target related, make sure you have the target audience selected while promoting the content as this can affect the click costs. For your future ad campaigns if the same target audience is needed you can use the saved Audience Feature on Facebook.

fb targeted audience

  • Usage of Custom Audience Feature

This feature let you target the audience who have visited your website prior to the post and is connected via your Facebook brand page. They are the cream audience you need for your website as they are the most genuine. To use the feature you need to first download the Facebook Pixel. After doing so, go to Web traffic and out of the many options given select as per your requirement.

  • Emojis for Reader Engagement

It is surprising but true that Emojis do have a positive impact on readability and clicks on the posts. Upon research and study done on Emojis for reader engagement, it was found that ad post having emojis in the title noted the CTR (Click Through rate) of 0.846% while without emoji it was only 0.351%.

fb emoji


Nobody knew that a social media platform made for connecting people worldwide socially could be useful for business as well. Promoting and marketing the web and blog content on Facebook is much easy and simple yielding high ROI due to less cost involved. Before posting your Facebook ad post do keep in mind the nine practices listed above and you would definitely see glorifying outcomes.

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