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If I were to ask you, who your audience is, would you be able to answer exactly?

Knowing your audience can be very useful knowledge for your business. Here’s why. Modern day marketers, before they embark on a marketing campaign they build something called the Customer Persona.

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A business can have multiple personas and they are all listed down based on the following:

  • The approximate Age and Gender of the user.
  • Their personalities and traits they possess
  • Their aspirations and dreams
  • Their problems
  • Where they are from
  • Job titles and descriptions

One business can have multiple personas.

How does creating personas help a business?

A persona nails the customer and their needs, requirements, purchasing power and so on.

This helps in figuring out the kind of messaging that will appeal to a client like this. If your client is from a major city, then they would prefer copy and marketing to be classy and premium as they are used to a certain style of service based on the brands that they deal with.

Another aspect that the customer persona helps you with is the channels of marketing that you need to target. The channels used is decided by the persona and that makes it easier to target. You will understand your user’s buying habits and what triggers them to make a purchase.

The kind of advertising that will appeal to your audience can also be figured out based on the customer persona.

This kind of data is extremely valuable and not a lot of companies go through this process. If you do it and your competitors don’t then you have a significant advantage over them.

Build your customer persona with this template. The tool that is used to create is user personas is Xtensio.

Persona Creator

To make it a more fool proof process. Seek out your customer personas and try to find out real people who fit in your category. Identify about 50 people who fit in your persona and talk to them about

  • The brands they associate with
  • Their buying habits
  • Frequency of purchases

Showcase your products, messaging and advertisements and ask them if it will resonate with them. Get their honest feedback and you will be richer with knowledge.

Here is an example of Dolby’s User Personas.

Dolby’s User Personas

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