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The blogging world has moved a long way since blogging became popular in the early 2000’s. It was a hobby back then, when people used to keep blogs and update the content and basically was a platform fro their thoughts. Blogging has become extremely business like now. Tools and strategies are a minimum basic requirement to stand a chance in this highly competitive business.

Acquiring readers and subscribers is one of the tasks in hand for a blogger and the money is in the list (Email). So what is conversion optimisation? It’s optimizing your blog for acquiring subscribers. So here are some conversion optimization strategies to get you going

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• Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something that you give away in return for a website visitor’s email id. This lead magnet can be an e-book or a course you made or access to an exclusive webinar. But a lead magnet should be something that is extremely valuable and useful for the user. Here is an example of a lead magnet.

Conversion optimisation

So how does the concept of giving away something work? When you give something valuable away, the user gives the email in return and becomes your subscriber. After this, you can keep sending them great content and every once in a while up sell a product to them that they will purchase.

• In Post Subscription

When you make a brilliant post and in it you have templates, tutorials, strategies and what not, you could bundle all that and put it in a downloadable file. To access that file, users would have to give their email id. It’s a simple trade for a lot of value for the user and this can be made for many posts. If you have 100 blog posts in your site and 50 of them have in post subscribing options then there are more than 50 places through which you can collect an email id. Users are more likely to give their id because of the circumstances of the situation.

• Exit Intent Popup

An exit intent popup is when a visitor is looking to leave your website, a pop up shows up with an irresistible offer that adds a lot more value to the user. For an e-commerce store it can be a 35% off discount. For an informative blog, it can be an E-book worth $20 for free. When users see this highly valuable piece of content they are more likely to become your subscribers.

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