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How to create a free logo for your website?

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When you plan to begin a business, doesn’t matter its online or not, you need to have a logo for your business that represents you also as your business. when it involves blogging or online business, we tend to hardly understand our visitors or competitors in person, we all know one another either by blog’s name or logo.

There are several advantages of getting logo for your website, few of them are:

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  1. It helps you to complete your website and your online persona.
  2. A perfect logo describes what your website is all about.
  3. It works as an internet card for you.
  4. Graphics are invariably unforgettable than names.
  5. It helps you to differentiate from other bloggers in general.

free logo

Making a free logo in Photoshop or Corel draw may well be long and for creating logo as a result of you wish to be told these softwares initially. Thus, it’s higher to better and more efficiently to create your own logo online, which is able to assist you to form logo for your website within minutes.

OnlineLogoMaker could be a free on-line service that helps you to form logo simply and quick. it’s easy and there are many symbols and choices to customise them with vibrant colours and trendy fonts.

FREE and absolutely UNIQUE!

How to use Online Logo Maker?

free logo

Following are the options to use Online Logo Maker

1. Working area:

Working area helps you to insert text, symbols and images to make your logo.

2. Properties panel:

It gives you option to edit and see the properties of any object your select from working area.

3. Objects:

Helps you to rename, delete or reorder objects while making logo.

4. Asset Buttons:

This gives you options to add symbols, text or pictures.

5. Other Buttons:

Allows you to save and load your free logo.

Now you got your own personalised logo, the next step will be to upload onto your website and start blogging!

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