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Branding Yourself on Linkedin – A way of Personal Social Medial Marketing?

The largest professional social network, Linkedin was recently purchased by Microsoft for $26.2 Billion. The value of Linkedin is so high because of the impact it has on people’s lives. A persona can literally progress in life because of their Linkedin profile being seen by the right people.

Like most things in life people don’t pay attention to their Linkedin profile and if you are one of them, snap out of it immediately. A great Linkedin profile can open doors and opportunities for employees and business people like no other. It is nonetheless one of the best form of social media marketing.

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So what makes a good Linkedin profile? Most good Linkedin profiles are descriptive. They talk about the work that the person has done in the organization and the kind of impact they have had. Having said that, let’s break down the important parts of a good Linkedin profile.


  • Profile Picture

Make sure to have a good profile picture, where you are in professional clothing or in a professional setting. Pictures of your trip from a recent holiday isn’t an appropriate picture. It sends the wrong signals if you have the wrong picture. A picture of you speaking at a conference or in a suit or a close up shot where you are smiling works. Worst is having no picture at all. Make sure the picture is bright and clear.

  • Articles and Content

Keep writing articles and content in your niche and wherever you publish them, make sure to publish them on Linkedin. This puts you out as an Authority on the field. If you are wondering what expertise you have, just do one thing. Discuss your view points about the field or a topic and that is a start. If you are a marketer, write about marketing in the present world, what is wrong with it and how it can be improved. When people read this content, they understand you better as a person. They also understand the way you think. This is an easy step.

  • Summary

The summary is a great place to talk about yourself and the kind of work you’ve done. You can talk about your interests in detail and whatever excites you. A good summary can interest a potential employer and goad them to get in touch with you. Talk about the work you’ve done and the things you are passionate about and like in the Industry.

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  • Experience

The most important section of your Linkedin Page is the experience of it. Most people just fill out the company name and their designation, but what they don’t get into is the details. For every job or position you hold. Make sure to break it down into the following categories.

  • Your Responsibilities with the company

List down all the responsibilities that you had, the kind of work that you did and list them down based on the order of importance. Also give a brief about the company and what they did to give context to the readers of your profile.

  • Any Milestones or Achievements

This is a major one. Make sure you talk about how you improved a metric or output or any activity within the business. If you were responsible for partnerships, then talk about how many partnerships you were able to secure. If you are a marketer, talk about the campaigns that you ran and mention the successful ones with numbers.

  • Your Learning

I’ve seen this bit in a few profiles and it has always left me impressed. A lot of people talk about their work and responsibilities, but a lot of people don’t talk about their learning. Mention what you learnt in the company. If you learnt how to build a team or work within a large organization, mention it. This shows your future employers or anybody looking at your profile that you are always looking to learn and they’ll know what you learnt.

  • Honesty

honest answer

Make sure you are honest about what actually happened. If you oversell your Linkedin profile, people may feel cheated when they find out the truth and your reputation is on the line. A lot of people lie on their Linkedin profile and it doesn’t help. Take an example of the CEO of ProcessStreet who talks about one of his startups and he mentions that they didn’t get the traction they hoped they would get. This is honesty and brings about genuineness to his profile.

  • Pictures

linkendin pictures

To make your account more personable, add a lot of pictures. Add pictures of your time when you were with a certain company, add pictures of a time when you gave a talk and so on. When people can put a face behind the work you put and the kind of people you worked with, they see you in a very positive light.

  • Recommendations

There is no better way to get credibility than social validation. And social validation on Linkedin is through recommendations. When people that you’ve got testimonials from the top of the crop, they think of you highly. Don’t go for quantity in terms of testimonials go for quality. Wherever you have worked, ask your boss to give you a recommendation and whoever the best you have worked with, ask them to give an honest feedback about you.

linkendin recommendation


This completes a perfect Linkedin Profile, to give you an example and what inputs you can take from it, I’ve taken one profile and I’m going to show you examples.

linkedin profile

The Top of his profile has a clear and smiling picture. A smile always warms up a person towards you. It clearly shows his designation, that is “Growth Hacker and CMO On-Demand”

The Summary starts off with his overall experience and it shows the number of people he has helped, the countries he has worked in and how he has helped these people. The best profile always shows the way the person has helped a company or somebody. As you can see, he has also mentioned the tools he is familiar with and the kind of specific tasks that he does.

The next section involves all his articles that he has written in top publications as well as wherever he has been covered. A profile with a good collection of Images is always a good breaker in a profile with a lot of text.

This next section covers a very specific job and what his job entailed and a break down of different tasks.

He has mentioned that he has helped a lot of entrepreneurs and he backs it up with appropriate images which brings a lot of credibility.

Finally, the recommendations he has received. He has got recommendations from a person from every organization he has worked at. He is indeed good at branding himself well on Linkedin – a way of using social medial marketing to brand yourself.

This is a good profile to follow and hopefully from this article you are able to create a killer Linkedin Profile. Good luck!

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