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Design has become one of the most important components for a business. A product may work really well, but thanks to Apple, they raised the quality of design in the world. To maintain a good social media presence, startups have to be churning out designs left right and center and today we bring some resources for designers and startups.

  • Canva


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This tool has become so useful that majority of designers don’t get into Photoshop and Illustrator to churn out quick, high quality designs. You can use canva to make quick Social Media posts, Book Covers, Posters, Blog Graphics and more. They have a set of templates that are super easy to use and you can make a quick design in a matter of minutes. Canva is a must use for fast paced design and social media teams.

  • Unsplash

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What started as a side project has become a full time operation for the company Crew.co. Unsplash is a website where you get ten free high quality HD images for absolutely free. There is no restriction in terms of use or any watermark. What makes this better compared to the other free stock images website is the quality. Professional photographers all over the world upload their photos on Unsplash to put their work out there.

  • Skitch

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 12.51.48 pm

Skitch is an awesome tool for designers for making quick changes to Images. In blogging, a lot of times we have to explain Images with extra text and like the image below we might want to add extra information. This works really well with Skitch and Skitch also helps in cropping an image and adding highlights.

  • ColorZilla Chrome Application


Browsing through the Internet, as a designer you might across an awesome color that you’ve fallen with and want to know exactly what color that is. Color Picker is a chrome application that helps you find the exact color by just mousing over that color. By mousing over that color you can see the hex code that you can copy and use in your design. How I use this application is by storing a particular website design I really like by storing it on Pocket(Pocket) and then revisiting it for Inspiration and use similar colros for a new project.

  • Icon Finder


Sometimes people are so helpful that you want to call them and buy them a glass of beer. You’d want to do that with the person who started Icon Finder. Icon Finder is an exhaustive list of Icons that you could use for your projects. Apart from premium icons, you get icons for free that are by the hundreds. The best part is you can search for the keyword for your icon and you will get a list of premium and free icons you can choose from.

  • Web Design Agency in Singapore

As in the recent decades, the responsive web has become the critical part of a company. You’ve found this site as you are like us. If you prefer to begin designing websites, then Novatise is ideal for you. A technically sound website is quite a strong advertising tool with a tremendous influence on the buying behaviour of the clients. Professional assistance from a seasoned web design agency in Singapore like Novatise can definitely bring optimistic outcomes.

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