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It’s been over ten years since the mobile app revolution began and apps are still a massive hit. But due to excess supply, the general users have gravitated towards a few apps and have about 7 to 8 apps that they use regularly.

So before you get started with building your app, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

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Scout out the competition

There are millions of apps in the App Store and the Play Store. You need to stay humble and realize the world can live without your app. So you need to play devil’s advocate and figure out why the idea won’t work. Once you are sure about it, then you can go ahead with the development and marketing.

develop and market mobile app

Finding Niches

Say you are hell bent on executing your idea even though you have competition. The things you can do to stand out is identify the weak spots of the competition. This can be the following

UX/UI – This is a big deal. People expect certain design elements and components. If the competition have ugly or clunky looking apps, then you have an in.

Pricing Model – If the competition has a paid app. Then look at giving yours for free with a pay per use model

Remember to strip features or add features – Sometimes for utility apps, the users are looking to perform one task and they don’t want all the bloated features that slows down the app. The competition might have an app that encompasses all features while the user wants only one.

On the other hand, users might be looking for a one stop shop solution and the competition is a one trick pony. So in this case, you can add more features.

All the above can be figured out by doing research and speaking to users.

Developing your App

Now it’s time for development. There are only a few ways you can do this.


  1. Build it yourself
  2. Hire a Developer by the hour
  3. Get a developer as a co-founder
  4. Hire a developer full-time, if you are well funded


Building it yourself

This is the slowest way to go about it, but also the cheapest. If you are a proficient developer, then go for it. If not, it’s better to give it to a professional.


Hire a developer by the hour

This is one of the best ways to go about it. Hiring a developer by the hour and monitoring their work will help you keep your budget low and also execute the project quickly.

There are platforms like Freelancer.com where you can scout for top development talent, but this requires a careful vetting process and you cannot guarantee a good developer.

The other way is to hire a mobile development agency like Novatise for example who are seasoned and you can work with closely to get your app produced.

Get a developer as a co-founder

finding cofounder

With this idea, you need to develop your pitching skills and it makes sense if you have some funding a good reputation.

Go through your networks and see if anybody is interested in co-founding the business with you.

You can use platforms like Founder2be to network with potential co-founders.

Hire a developer full-time

If you are well-funded this is the best thing to do. If you are funded, then there is some sort of validation of your idea. So hiring a full time developer makes sense.

Check out portals like toptal to hire good mobile app developers.

Marketing your App

Marketing can make or break your business. So here are a few ideas you can use.



  • List in all possible marketplaces

There are more marketplaces than just the App Store and the Play Store. There’s Amazon App Store for Android, App Brain, Appslib, GetJar and more.

Listing takes you few minutes and in the long-run getting a few downloads from here and there will always boost your business.



  • Do App SEO

App developers live in the app world and focus on App Store optimizations and everything app that they forget something like Google exists. Google is the biggest traffic generator in the world and that too for free.

So don’t underestimate the power of SEO because people discover articles, they do direct searches on Google and more. Put content out there, rank for the right keywords, build your website, write guest posts etc.



  • Email outreach to top app blogs

There are platforms that can give you a tremendous amount of traffic and downloads in a few lines. There are quite a few of them. One of the examples is android central. Use an email finding tool and get in touch with one of the editors and ask them if you can pitch your app. Don’t pitch directly.


  • Join Facebook groups for Mobile Marketers

Hang out with your peers online. There are a ton of people looking to market their apps. Not only will you find great ideas for marketing, but you will also be able to get initial traction. When you join a group, you can ask for feedback on the features, UI/UX or general advice and you can get your first fifty downloads.



  • Pitch to PR

Reporters are always looking to report. They are itching to write about something. A well-crafter pitch with permission taken prior will do wonders to get covered in top magazines. The best part is, there are so many bad pitches and if you pitch well enough, you will get noticed.


  • Go offline

A good way to get initial traction is to attend events. Putting up a small booth in a tech event or speaking at an event can get you the initial early adopter downloads. You will need the early adopters to download your app before it becomes mainstream. In these events you will find a lot of them and it’s a good place to promote your app.

These were our tips to promote and market your app. What techniques have you used successfully?

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