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Blogging or just creating a website thinking rest other things would follow is not how the web industry works. This is the not the actual story. In fact thinking that people would share more and more by this rule than you are wrong. It is not that web content is only important, Marketing and promoting of the same content is even more important. Nowadays, people make sure their content is catchy enough to make it viral in the web World. Out of so many ways like sharing your web content on social media platforms, coming up with out of the box or unknown facts and information which have potential to be spread like a fire, Cheap ads is amongst mostly used by start-ups or small business enterprises.

Here we will discuss one of the main strategies of Content Promotion, which are cheap advertisements.

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Drive Traffic using Cheap Ads

It is usually seen that big names pay for the promotion they want to make via Google and Facebook, which helps them to drive their content traffic. But what about those who do not have much of their budget for paid promotion like big giants? Worry not, for them the solution is much simpler and effective. They can use Cheap Ads to drive the traffic to your content. Let us see how that can be achieved.


A very powerful tool for social network, Reddit is among the cheap ways to promote and market your web content. Reddit as claims to be the front page of internet proves to be so right if it is used strategically. In fact, for 1000 visitors for your content, Reddit charges only 7 cents. That is pretty much good and inexpensive as well.

drive traffic with cheap ads

To begin, have a keyword search on the Reddit and look for subreddits, which are related to those keywords. This is where your actual/cream visitors would be. After you have searched for SubReddits, prepare a very engaging advertisement on the Reddit’s advertising Page. Do not go for much money. Ideally test the results initially for around $5 to $10. If the ads prove profitable to you chose it and eliminate those ads, which are not bearing good profits.

Quuu Promote

quu promote

Among the next popular cheap ways for content promotion is the Quuu Promote wherein for $10-$20, you would be able to get more than 200-300 shares on the content. To begin with, Copy or simply type the URL of the Content and prepare a Snippet for sharing on social media platforms like Twitter. After that, you must select a category out of all listed and click on the Submit for Review Icon. Post that the magic of shares on the content will follow.

Quuu has its own network and it helps driving traffic by spreading the content in its network.

Stumble Upon

Comparatively cheap from other paid ad providers, Stumble Upon is a real cheap marketing provider which has grown immensely over the years. Stumble Upon lets you Target the kind of visitors on your content and as per the targeting, the cost is added. The basic and the lowest ad promoting costs only 10 cents for a single visit with regards to no count for the organic visits made. This may sound expensive but in reality, it is not.


For Instance, Facebook ads would likely cost you around 80 cents as you might select some target audience based on age, gender and class.

Get started with Stumble Upon by creating a new campaign and setting up the target audience. You can even set your decided price for a day at $5 and after submitting you can see the number of shares increasing gradually.

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