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Instagram is hot property now because of the presence of Millenials in abundance. The older millienials have purchasing power and they are into social media channels like Instagram, which makes it a perfect place for making money on Instagram.

Instagram is a very visual medium and this means that only certain type of products that catch the fancy of the users will do exceedingly well.

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So what are the best ways to earn money through Instagram?

  • Own Products

Selling your own services is a big opportunity on Instagram, if you get it right. A lot of businesses don’t think Instagram is for them and they don’t get into the platform. But if you have a set of content ready that can describe your product fairly well, then it’s a platform where you can make money. Make sure your content is catchy and is distributed in all formats. What I mean by that is, have quotes, images, videos, product shots as part of your content portfolio. You want people to see you as a brand that is cool and also see your products as well. When people connect to a brand, then they are more likely to purchase from that brand.

  • Become an Influencer

It’s harder to be an Influencer now, but it’s possible. An influencer is one who is connected to a particular niche and talks/blogs about that topic and many people take their advice and recommendations seriously.  To become an Influencer you have to become an Authority and dole out genuine advice to people that will help them. Companies reach out to influencers and ask them to promote their products for a cost. To be an Influencer who has a great reputation, it takes time, hard work and marketing skills.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is almost the same as Influencer marketing but not necessarily as a single person. Affiliate marketing involves reviewing a lot of products in a particular niche. This niche can be health, tech. This kind of marketing involves testing the product and talking about it’s pros and cons. Affiliate Marketers can tie up with thousands of companies and the affiliate marketer makes a commission for every sale through their link.

To be an Affiliate marketer, again takes time and effort and you should be honest in reviews of your product. On your recommendation, your users should benefit from the product and not have a bad experience.

  • Photography Skills

Instagram is the land of photos and it’s a great way to establish your brand as a top photographer. The only obstacle with this is the level of competition. It’s extremely high. So if you are one of those experimenting and adventurous photographers this will be a great platform to showcase your skills and get customers. With Instagram you can let your work speak for itself and you don’t have to bother about other channels of marketing like SEO and using a website to gather leads. If your Instagram account is engaging and shareable, then you will be creating opportunities for yourself to work with people who are interested in your work.

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