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In the current scenario, everyone is looking for ways to earn passive income. The Internet and social media upsurge have made it easy for everyone to generate an automated income per day. This income can range from 10$ a day and go up to as much as 100$ a day or even more. This article talks about top three ways to grow an automated income of at least 10 dollars in a day.

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  • Affiliate marketing:

One of the most effective methods to earn a daily income is affiliate marketing which is a type of advertising where website owners are affiliated with online business using different affiliate programs. They create sales, traffic, and leads for the merchants who sell their products online. The good thing about this is that you can start earning money in no time and in the beginning it would require you to invest not more than 20$ to 30$. But you will get a quick return of 50$ to 100$ per day. For this, you just need to be very vigilant about monitoring traffic and have some English writing skills. You can follow these 5 steps to set up your income flow through affiliate marketing:A blog/website: You need to publish creative blogs or articles to ensure you have at least 100 visitors per day.

Little HTML CSS Knowledge: You need to design a landing that is attractive for people and is able to grab their attention.

Attractive writing skills in English: If you have good writing skills, you can write an eBook on a niche that is popular worldwide for e.g., how to pass a job interview.

E-book: Once your eBook is ready, you can set up your website in a way that people can download your book only when they sign up with their email addresses.

Auto-responder: Once people give their email addresses, send an auto-responder talking about a 7-day course related to targeted traffic.

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Here is a list of Singapore affiliate marketers

The Affiliate Gateway – http://www.theaffiliategateway.sg/

Optimise Media – https://www.optimisemedia.sg/

Zalora Affiliate – https://www.zalora.sg/partner/

Lazada Affiliate – http://www.lazada.sg/lazada-affiliate-program/

Commission Junction – http://www.cj.com/

Click Banks – http://www.clickbank.com/

These are some of the ways that can enhance your strategy to use Affiliate Marketing to generate income.

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  • Ad Sense: 

adsense singapore

One of the most convenient and easy ways to earn some extra money from your website is Adsense. The way it works is that you can copy some of the codes of the ads on your website and then you earn money every time someone clicks on that ad. You end up earning around 68% of the clicks and the rest goes to Google. It is a good way to earn money for content driven websites. You need to keep the following things in mind to ensure your website is rolling and you can earn a lot with Adsense.
Creating your website: Make sure that you write about something that you are interested in and will be willing to write about at length. You cannot expect to build a website of 10 pages and earn 1000$.

You need to apply for Google Adsense once you generate enough traffic on your blog. You do it through www.adsense.google.com. Once they accept you, go ahead and copy and paste the HTML code to any of the pages where you would like to display that ad in the form of text, image or a combination of both.

Keep increasing your earnings by increasing traffic on your website. The more people come to your blog and click on the ad, the more money you will earn.

Adsense is the simplest way of earning an automated income.


  • Sponsored post/article:

sponsored post singapore
With good writing skills, you can choose to write some posts as a guest blogger or a reviewer and you can earn money from that. There are some websites that pay as much as $200 for one article. There could be various types of sponsored articles. Following are some of the options you can tap into:

Sponsored reviews: Some websites connect you to various brands and you are asked to review their products for them. In return, you make a good amount of money. These websites usually transfer money through PayPal so having an account with them is handy.

Freelance writing jobs: There are some websites that connect writers with prospective clients and help you earn good amount of money. But it can be difficult for newbies to establish themselves in the world of freelance content writing.

Freelance blogging: You can write guest posts for some already existing blogs to help them increase their traffic and earn some bucks in return.

These are some of the ways to make money online. If you use your skills strategically, you can easily start generating an automated income of 10$ per day if not more.

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