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As a Singapore online marketer you will have to keep reading and experimenting. You don’t stop learning as a marketer and the best way to do is through blogs and podcasts. The problem is, there are too many blogs that talk about a variety of topics and give conflicting opinions. So what is right and what is wrong?

We cannot classify blogs as right or wrong that easily. It’s very circumstantial. But some blogs just blow your mind with their content and they are sure to give highly actionable content. Here is a list of blogs that is a must read. Strategies by these gurus will bring your online marketing skill a whole new level.

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  • Backlinko for SEO


Backlino by Brian Dean is one of the best SEO blogs out there. The focus is on quality, quality and more quality. The number of posts on Backlinko don’t cross the 50 mark and this blog has been around for years. This shows the amount of effort that goes into each and every blog post. Any reader of Backlinko can vouch for the actionable content that is there in his posts. He gives out templates and a lot of free stuff that you can implement immediately and see a huge change.

Access here.

  • Kiss Metrics Blog

kissmetrics blog

The founder of Kissmetrics is Neil Patel who is an authority in the world of online marketing. Kissmetrics is an analytics tool and their blog focuses a lot around analytics and understanding data and using data to take better decisions. Their ethos is Track, Analyze and Optimize your marketing. Don’t miss this blog for highly useful content.

Access here.

  • The Buffer Blog

buffer blog

Everybody knows buffer is an awesome social media automation tool. What is even better is their blog. Their team of writers churn out some of the best online marketing content out there and it is mind blowing. Buffer being a marketing product, they understand the pulse of the world of marketing. Their content is focused around a lot of their own research and they perform experiments and detail them for your benefit.

Access here.

  • Copyblogger

copyblogger blog

Copyblogger is one of the blogs that focus on one thing and that is writing great content. They get so detailed that if you follow them religiously, you are sure to become a great content marketer. Their focus is on writing and you’ll undersntand the science behind writing great copy, headlines, content that are sure to give you conversions.

Access here.

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