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As an small business in Singapore, you’re not in the mood or capable to spend heftily on the promotion of your website. Paid-promotion? A complete no-no.

We have consulted a number of startups here and found some of them may not even have budget to set up a single campaign. So what should these businesses do then?

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You need to come out with strategies that would help you acquire naturally quantifiable outcomes. A smart response to this grave issue lies in content promoting and not by paying but free. The reason for such a strategy is:

  • To establish a dynamic connection with a large audience
  • Using the best of content to drive attracts a wide variety of people to your site and make them engaged
  • To ensure you get benefitted from those group of individuals or traffic. For example, adding them to your email notifications or guiding them to buy some product from you.

Hence, content promotion plays a vital role in driving audiences to your site, and it is a necessity. The more promotion you conduct for your site, the better your outcomes. Let us discuss eight of the most capable substance showcasing thoughts to expand your website activity in order to drive more leads and deals.

1. Come Up with an Innovative Content

Writing content for the reader is the foremost important thing to do. If the content is reader-friendly, then it will surely be ranked higher in the search engine result.

To make the content original and at the same time exciting it is important that the content should be viral. You can use following questions to brainstorm for a viral content:

Is there is any idea that is trending among the local people?

Is the idea funny and can be improved further?

Is your idea controversial and provoking?

Will videos, images, or info graphics make your article stickier?

Can you reach to the online influencer and ask them to promote your content?

Never forget that great content marketing strategy with real recipes will perform much better online. If you can continually stimulate positive emotions from your content, people will naturally be attracted to you.

2. Make a blog to reach out to the audience

Blogging is one of the best ways to get traffic to your site. It is inexpensive and the best way to engage with your potential customers. It is especially a good option for small businesses to start with. Hubspot rates it as the number one way to market your content. The beauty lies in the fact that this method easily integrates with another method of promotion and thus makes it easy to implement this method.

3. Turn to Social Media

Surfing online social sites is something that is practiced a lot by today’s youth. This makes it a perfect place to pitch about your business to specific targets without much effort. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat social marketing is a way to go.

The social sites provide a dedicated page to those organization or business who wants to preach about themselves. Through this, you can target the required audience, and hence you can expect a quick result.

Once you have prepared such page, you will need to keep it updated with great content and links that direct user to your websites. Remember these content materials should not contain anything that is direct sales approach. All content on social media meant to be educational, fun and exciting.

4. Try Infographics

Infographic is an ideal example of “a picture is better than 1000 words.” Easy to understand, information broken into small bits in a story like a manner makes it an interesting to pitch about your business.

Infographic if the designed well can help in not only increases the chance that the reader will understand what you are saying but will also bring about more traffic through sharing and recommendation.

At the end of the infographic, you can advertise your brand through logos and embedded codes that lead the user to a relevant web page. If your really tight with budget, you can hook up on Fiverr to talk to some of the designers. Fee usually cost $50 upwards.

5. Videos

With the rise in internet use and potential that these video sites have such as Youtube, a small business can create content that has the potential to become viral. It is always easy to watch than to read and therefore, the video offers great opportunities to head start your business.

Something as basic as creating an explainer video for a product or service that your small business offers and then posting it on YouTube is an effective example of this strategy at work. You also get to have a backlink to your site on your YouTube channel, thereby giving you the potential for a fair amount of website traffic if your videos become popular.

By far, we find this the most effective way of sending right sales pitch out. However it might not come cheap if you were to send out such jobs to agency. You should be comfortable DIYing.

6. Link Building

Link building is one of the strategies to gain more website traffic. It is based on the fact that you have an array of links pointing back to your site.

The aim of this strategy is to get backlinks from sites which have a higher rank in your field and have backlinks pointing back to your site. This can be done in many ways one of which includes guest posting.

It takes the time to build links but eventually you will start to get traffics whose trend just goes upwards.

Please check Novatise’s SEO link building cost if you deem this is out of your job scope.

7. Guest posting

Guest posting allows small business to start marketing the company using the big names that allow attracting a lot of traffic without significant expenditure.

To start with posting, you first need to study the type of post that makes hit on the site and explore the style of post and try to enumerate the same style with a fusion of originality. Try to make the article as fancy and attractive as possible.

Inform the blog owner on the completion of the job and in case it gets accepted, do make sure to take the leverage of their network to increase traffic to your blog.

Some great guest posting sites includes – Linkedin, Medium and Techinasia.

8. Rinse and Repeat

In the end, it is all about the constant endeavour to promote and reach out to as many users as possible and keep giving the effort to market your business. It’s like building muscles when you shred fats and get the desired shape you just don’t stop going to the gym but rather continue to maintain that shape. Reaching a million subscribers should not be the aim but rather one of the milestone to be achieved and continue to go on.

These are just some of the advice that one should keep in mind while adopting techniques to promote one’s site. If one is faithful to this advice, one must surely be able to reap the benefits that the internet has to offer to boost his business without much investment.

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My name is Jon. I started internet marketing since 2007 and have set up and sold off many websites and mobile apps. Here at SingaporeDigitalMarketing, we write about some of the best tactics and strategies to push your online marketing initiatives. We have created numerous digital applications over the years and have grown them into crazy money making assets.

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