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If you observe the top companies in the world, they all have a certain type of culture and they have something in their DNA that is different from the rest of the companies. Their originality in thinking has helped in creating technology that is world changing. There are important lessons to be learnt from every single company and in this article we take small stories and examples of their ethos that has helped them become a behemoth in the world. So let’s find out what makes these companies different.

  • Apple

Apple is the leading company in every chart, report, blog post and newspaper. Everybody talks about Apple. Apple has very strong philosophies that guide their every decision and not a lot of people know about this. Check out the Apple marketing philosophy.

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apple marketing philosophy

The one important aspect that I want to point out in this marketing philosophy is point number two, Focus. If you had to take anything from Apple, it’s their focus on products. If you had to count the number of products Apple had, you would be able to do it. As a person, you should be able to focus on the few, because when you focus, you can go all in.

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  • Google

Google sums up its philosophy in its "Ten things we know to be true

Google has always been an Interesting company and more importantly, their products have been extremely useful in making a lot of people money. Google relentlessly pursues in making a better future. They always keep coming up with products that make people better, faster, smarter. Even Google X, which is Google’s experimental lab for new inventions work on useful products like the Google Car, Project Loon which aim at making humans better. The lesson you can learn from Google is to always keep on doing good for humanity and other people. A pursuit at that will always give you success.

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  • SpaceX

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has the grandest visions of all the companies. They want humanity to become a space faring civilization and make humans land on Mars. The success of this venture is extremely unlikely and fraught with a lot of problems and troubles. The best lesson you can learn from SpaceX is about dreams. You can have grand dreams and hope for a better future, but always look to survive. In their bid to survive, SpaceX deal with aeronautical organisations like NASA and build rockets for them.


Reference: spacex.com

When you start a venture, make sure to put your thoughts and your dreams into it and that will show in the DNA of the company. A company with strong vision and even stronger principles cannot be brought down easily.

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