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Everybody in the world has something to learn from the life story of great Individuals, but all we are restricted to is the quotes of these great people. Looking at the lives of these entrepreneurs, what lessons can one learn and implement in their lives?

  • Steve Jobs
steve jobs

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Steve Jobs’ life has had a lot of ups and downs in personal and professional life. From his life we can learn that bounce backs and comebacks are possible. After his ouster from Apple, everybody thought we would fade away, but Jobs came back and brought Apple back to life from the brink of bankruptcy. Jobs’ managerial style involves betting the company on a particular technology every decade. This tells us that we need to reinvent ourselves every few years to be the best we can be.

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  • Jeff Bezos
jeff bezos

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Jeff Bezos’ obsession about long-term thinking took another dimension when he spent his own personal money to build a 10,000 year clock in a desert. The success of Amazon can be attributed to the long term thinking. At Amazon, a product is given up to 7 years to start making money. In the FOMO world we are all obsessed at getting our riches right now and achieving all we can now. Success is a long and hard road and if you keep the eye on the ball and keep going, you will be successful. Delayed gratification is an important quality in success.

  • Elon Musk
elon musk


Musk’s life has been filled with tragedies. From childhood bullying to losing his first born baby. Apart from that, his business life has not been a smooth ride at all, with him going personally bankrupt many times. What can one learn from Musk? Two things. One is, never ever giving up. This is easier said than done, but if you want to do big things, you need to have an Iron will not possessed by most people. The second is to go all in. If you truly care or want to make a difference you should spend every bit of your energy, time and money into that one single goal.

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  • Jack Ma
jack ma


Jack Ma is not a genius, but Jack Ma has unwavering passion. Jack’s very humble origins teach people that Inspiring icons of the world can come from anywhere. If you have the drive to learn and perseverance to keep going on, then you too can be a success. Jack Ma did not know how to code, but he runs one of the biggest tech corporations in the world.

  • Masayoshi Son
masaayoshi son


There is one underrated quality that the SoftBank CEO possesses is the quality of networking. He is a serial networker and he is great at creating partnerships. When Masayoshi came to California to pitch the idea of a phone to Steve Jobs, jobs told him that they already are making one of their own, he immediately pitched the idea of taking the phone to Japan and became one of the earliest carriers to tie up with Apple and hence raking the profits of the successful launch of the iPhone.

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