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For SEO purposes, experts continually recommend building backlinks and avoid common backlinking errors. However, it isn’t feasible to evade building backlinks in your blogs especially when you are an individual blogger. One should always prefer using popular tools to maintain the backlinking campaign. The best method to perform backlinking is through guest posts allowing freelancers to post content relevant to the site and add backlinks with the anchor they are assigned.

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When it comes to especially off page SEO, these backlinks play a vital role. Besides, you just not require merely adding links to your blogs but Google ranks you only on updating quality links. One can possibly suffer negative ranking if links are not put correctly. Certain commonly performed backlinking mistakes harm the bloggers in the long run. Thus, it is imperative to be aware of the mistakes to avoid yourself doing the same. The article explains some of the major mistakes one should avoid doing to perform link building process successfully.

Let us discuss the major mistakes one should avoid while building backlinks

Do not link to a site with bad reputation

Always avoid linking to sites which hold a bad reputation such as having copied content, spam site, porn sites, etc. While the search engines do not love their sites, they won’t love your site too. Thus, cease posting on porn and gambling websites to avoid getting a bad reputation from Google. Instead, build links to the sites that are highly SEO competitive and get your site on top along.

Avoid buying and selling links

Google only loves natural links. In fact, it quickly catches you if you have bought or sold links for your blog. Thus, never buy links in order to improve your ranking. Buying and selling of links in known to be spam. Thus, the best way to link building instead of buying links is to hire a freelance writer and get guest posts written to add your links to the post.

No Follow Links

If you plan to get a good ranking over search engines like Bing, then one can preferably go for No Follow linking. However, if you target Google, then avoid putting no Follow links. Instead of dissipating your time, focus on putting do follow incoming links. One can easily target the do Follow forum to get quality links.

Do not backlink from only high DA domains

One can also prefer choosing small DA domains for back linking purposes. It does not look genuine when you build only high DA links and not low DA. Though there is no straight mention about this on Google, linking with various websites ensures link variation that is important for SEO purposes. 0 to 1 DA links are considered to be very low, 2 to 3 DA links are deemed to be moderate whereas 3 to 4 DA links are considered to be high DA.

how to build link for your website

Avoid getting backlinks from niche sites irrelevant to your blog

As discussed above, Do Follow link are high-quality backlinks from high PR sites, try to get links from websites that are similar to the niche of your website. Linking to sites that are not at all imperative for you bring an adverse reaction of the people reading the blogs. Instead of making your concept so scanty, you’re your links only where people find it relevant and create conversions for your website. Irrelevant ads add minimal weight to your PR.

Anchor text must have your targeted keywords

The anchor text that you add to put the link should have your targeted keywords. Instead of putting your site name or the article name, put the targeted keyword there to ensure better visibility and better optimisation of your link. Usually, people add ‘click here,’ ‘check this,’ etc. instead of putting these words, add the relevant words and build backlinks. It will not just help you in publishing yourself but will also serve for the SEO purposes. Worried about how to choose your target keywords for backlinks? Use the same procedure you performed for writing your blog. Find out some of the common phrases that people type and search. These appropriate phrases to your blog get you to the top in the search engine ranking. In the same way, look out for works and choose the most optimum word as your keyword in the anchor.

Do not create tons of link building in a very short time

Never create a lot of links at the same time. If found in the eyes of Google, you are likely to be eliminated from indexing your site by google. Thus, never add links in a hurry. One can also interpret it as ‘slow and steady wins the race!’. Remember, everything takes time. Even you took time to become something and on the same verge will your site take to get itself established in the ranking.

Do not avoid Site wide link

Add branded keywords instead of putting something that everybody does. Suppose you are a web development company like Novatise –  ‘Get your website’ or ‘website design Singapore’ are some of the common anchor texts that let you create backlinks. However, when you search the same over Google, there is a list of websites showing the same anchor texts and linking their websites. Hence, it’s time to think differently now. One can write as ‘web development by name of the company’ and such unusual lines to keep yourself different and visible to the audience. Make the anchor text interesting as well as ensure proper keywords.

Backlinking is one of the toughest jobs to do in blogging. However, it is also one of the most efficient ways of performing Search engine optimisation for your website. Be it any search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing, each of these require high quality backlinks to improve search engine visibility. One of the best ways to add links is through writing blogs. The best would be to hire freelancers and get the guest posts written from them to add backlinks.

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