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It is my pleasure to share some of my experiences working on Word press sites for my clients.

The 2 most common problems they faced were

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  1. Losing Sales because of slow loading of Word press site
  2. Word Press site frequently got hacked!
From small affiliate sites for members of the Word Press Forum to big classified ads sites, 5 star hotels and car industry sites. They all have such issues.
Asian business people thinking
Why does it matter?
Page Load Time is critical for conversion rate and as well for SEO. Visitors will leave a site if it does not load fast. Simply to say user experience is a very important factor to good SEO as Google places high emphasis on websites that load faster.
Also, when your site is hacked, you are losing sales, credibility and time to fix it. In some cases data can’t be restored, which sadly to say you lost everything!
 Simply to put it – I’m not going to write an essay about WP optimisation here today.
In fact I am shouting out loud to let you know that….
1. WP Plugins:
  • – Less WP Plugins = Better
  • – Less WP Plugins = More Secure WP Site
  • – Less WP Plugins = Faster WP Load Time
2. Always Update WP and All Plugins/Themes to the latest versions
Each WordPress plugin you install on your site is a potential security hole as it takes more time to process on server thus slowing down the overall page load.
Some plugins are necessary like SEO or Caching plugins, or plugins for specific functions of your site. But almost everything else (plugins for social buttons, contact forms, etc.) can be coded directly into the theme.
For example, the most popular plugin for contact forms (Contact Form 7) is loading at every page of your site and you only have a contact form on one page. This means that visitors will suffer in page speed on every single page of your website and the contact form is used on only one page.
The solution for such is to use WuFoo contact form or support desk if you are not good in coding simple html contact form.
More tips on how to better optimise your word press sites will be put up
So for now, simply follow these:
  1. Less WP plugins!
  2. Always update WP, plugins and themes to the latest version.
Want more speed?
      3. Use web hosting with SSD disks.
If your looking for some free Word Press themes to try out, feel free to visit this link.
Happy Labour Day btw.

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