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Your landing page sucks. I’ll say it straight.

90% of the landing pages out there in Singapore SUCK and that is why 10% of the marketers in the world actually make money. In the early days of the Internet the focus was on putting pages out there and after the arrival of HTML and CSS, the focus turned to design.

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Design became the cornerstone of every website. CSS and Javascript effects would be preferred over UI and UX standards and this went on for quite a bit. After the design era, we are in the UI and UX era. The UI and UX era is focused on flow and design. The user experience bit works on how the user should use the website and what action the website owner wants the user to take. This makes it more structured and this gave birth to prototyping tools, Call to Action buttons, separate sections that take the user through a journey.

In this UX revolution, the marketers came into the picture. The marketers weren’t happy with the beautiful designs or the lovely interfaces. Their focus was on conversion and that was mostly making a sale or collecting an e-mail Id or whatever they wanted the user to do. But with a clear end goal in mind.

The future of landing pages is not about beautiful CSS or Javascript code that shows show fancy effects, it’s about data and testing.

So before we get to what makes a perfect landing page, let’s talk about the data mindset. Always keep testing different elements on your landing page.

  • Images – Some Images work better than other images in terms of conversion
  • Copy – Copy needs to be convincing and make sure you are testing different headlines and subject text
  • Call to Action buttons – Test call to actions based on the color of the button as well as copy on the button.

Now that you have the mindset, let’s see the components of a good landing page. A landing page isn’t a content dump, but it’s a carefully scripted journey or flow that makes the user take a particular action at the end of it.

  • Main Copy

Every landing page needs a straightforward main copy that discusses the benefits. If you have a lead magnet then it would be something like “Download this resource worth $49 for absolutely free”. The job of the main copy is to make the user go to the next section in the landing page. The “Value” factor of what you are offering should also be clear in the main copy.

Take a look at the image below. Based on the testing, the copy in the bottom resulted in 38.46% more conversions. If you dissect the copy then you understand that the value in the second copy comes out clearly.

singapore ads design

So make sure to show the value in the headline copy. It can make a big difference.

  • Images

Images on the landing page I would say is very important. Why? Images act as a breaker when there is a lot of text. Images can also help with explaining your product better. If you decide to use people on your landing page then it can be tailored to suit your customer segment.

In the Image below,  the right side Image performed 4.78% better than the left. What could be the reason? The simple reason could be is the customer persona of this brand highrise is more of men than women.

sex branding

So advice with images would be is to keep it relevant, maybe aspirational, an image of your customer persona.

  • Testimonials as social proof

Another must have in a landing page is the testimonial from other users. As humans we are social animals and we watch the behaviors of other people intently. Testimonials really help in getting your visitor connect with the brand by showing people similar to him or her.  Say you have a product that is aimed at head marketers and you have testimonials from four different head marketers, it makes it easy to convince the visitor because they can relate to the people who have given testimonials.

In the example below, you can see a perfect testimonial section. An image of the people who have given testimonials, their testimonial, their company and their designation as well.

testimonials on wesbites

Putting the name of the company lends an air of authenticity.

  • A Clear form

Most landing pages collect a lot of data and it’s very important to give importance to that section in terms of design to make it stand out. The form should be so inviting, that a person should want to enter their information.

In the example below, you can see good copy, and a form that stands out. Using CSS to visually make your form stand out is an important aspect. Our human mind always look at things that grab our attentions.

nice designed form

  • Feature list with call to action

You needn’t have to write paragraph after paragraph to convince a user about your features, Having byte sized information displayed in an easy to read section is the way to go. Take a look at the example of shopify that nail this aspect.

The features talks about customisations, their low pricing and social proof by suggesting 275,000 stores run on Shopify. This is a crystal clear section with a nice call to action on top that is accompanied with “Start your free 14-day trial” copy that pushes the user to enter their information.

shopify landing page design

The best way to start of making landing pages it to look at examples from all around the internet and take ideas that seem interesting to you. Once you’ve done that run your own A/B tests to determine the effectiveness of each copy, image and button. Ultimately a good landing page converts and if you are getting small conversions, then it’s a guarantee that you can optimise your landing page to massively increase your small conversions.

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