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Networking is awesome. I’ll tell you why. Networking opens doors and opportunities for you like nothing ever will. These doors are fast track growth to the next level and it could be highly beneficial to you and your venture.

Many people shy away from networking and think of it as something that they wouldn’t be able to do. And the ones who do network, do not do it right. Attending seminars and meetings and giving your card out to the maximum number of people isn’t really networking. In bigger sessions it’s harder to do make connections and it’s more about reaching the right people, in the smaller sessions it’s more about partnerships.

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Here are the rules to be a master networker

  • When you attend big sessions and seminars, know who you want to speak to and why you want to speak to them. If you are looking for a job or mentorship or investment, then speak to them openly and tell them what you want and that you will be contacting them. Most will be able to help in a simple manner that can get you a leg up.
  • Speak to a few people and make better connections. Focus on being effective with your conversations and not just jump from one person to another person.
  • Stop talking to a person and excuse yourself if you think that the conversation isn’t going anywhere or isn’t important. It’s always important to speak to people who will be important to you.
  • Attend a lot of the casual, informal, smaller sessions. This is where you get people who are more relaxed and it is great for partnerships that you might want to create.
  • Be creative while networking. If you want to network with a particular person, make sure to research a lot about them and bring that up during your conversation. They’ll feel special.
  • After your conversation and when information is exchanged, immediately mail or message them and establish your contact

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Here is a simple template for that

Sub : Hey <Name of Person> We met at <Name of Event>

  • < Pleasantries exchanged>
  • <What you want in bullet points>
  • <Thanking him or her for the help>

This establishes your relationship via mail and it’s taken to the next level. When they produce and publish content, make sure to comment on it and engage with it so that they don’t forget you.

What are your strategies for networking?

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