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How much should I pay a freelance writer in Singapore?

By November 7, 2018 No Comments

Writers are in demand these days and not because there are more book readers out there, but there are many more people consuming content on websites before they take a purchase decision.

You’ve probably come to a decision that you need a freelance content writer. But how much do you pay them? Where do you find them?

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We answer all your questions in this guide. But first, what should you expect from your freelancer?


What do you need to look for in a Singapore Freelance Writer before hiring them


Turn around time

You pay for speed as well as the content and most initial businesses don’t understand this. If your freelancer takes weeks to deliver your project, it better be the best content in the world or the cheapest service you have picked. A good freelancer can churn out work within a few days.

When you have urgent content to create, then you will understand the importance of a fast turn around time.


Quality of work – Style and Editing


Old samples of work don’t cut it. The best way to judge a writer’s potential is by asking them to create a totally new article with a topic of your choice. You judge the quality of work by looking for flow and readability and style. If you are captivated and want to read more, then you have a good writer in your hands.

Another aspect to judge a writer by is how much editing they do. When an article reaches you, it should be perfectly edited, without any grammatical mistakes and ready to publish.


Images added to the content


A huge waste of time for most content publishers is figuring out images for your articles. Images are a necessity as they reduce bounce rates and improve engagement. Ask if your writers add images to the articles, if they don’t, then the price should be lesser.


SEO optimized


A freelance writer who can Optimize an article from an SEO standpoint is worth their weight in gold. Understand if they can do keyword research, on-page optimization such as adding outbound links and relevant internal links.

A freelance writer who is good at SEO will cost more.




Content is finally about words. Words that speak to customers and engage them and make them take action. A good freelance writer has flair, their own opinions, thoughts and ultimately produce content they can call their own. You hire good quality people so they can show you the way.




When it comes to pricing, you have a buffet of options.




Fiverr offers the cheapest services in the content marketing world. And by cheap, we mean dirt cheap. But cheap isn’t always good. And in most cases, it’s bad.

The main issue with Fiverr sellers is the lack of personal touch. Most Fiverr sellers are individual people working alone, so they can’t scale and their turn around time takes weeks.

Another concern with Fiverr specialists is their expertise. Just because they write good product copy doesn’t mean they’ll be able to write good long-form articles.

Some Fiverr sellers have hidden charges, where they charge a separate price for writing and a separate price for editing and additional charges for making changes.

Based on the average number, a Fiverr seller charges $7 for 500 words of content.




Freelancer is another platform that let’s you choose a writer. The problem with Freelancer is, there is a paradox of choice. You think a choice is good, but when there are numerous options, it gets difficult to pick and considering Freelancer charge a commission your price will increase.

The availability of your freelancer to take on projects is also a concern. If they are inundated with projects, they won’t be able to take up your work.

The cost of a freelance writer from freelancer can cost you from $8 for 500 words to $250 for 500 words.

It’s difficult to filter through various writers.


The New Age Freelancers


The freelancer model doesn’t work too well for many companies because


  • Freelancers can’t scale their services with the business’ needs
  • Freelancers don’t have a process in place – There’s placing the order and receiving the order. That’s it.
  • Freelancers don’t offer economies of scale – Cheaper pricing when your orders increase
  • Freelancers don’t have transferable skill sets. If you need different kind of content written, your freelancer might not be able to address that


Content specific services


A platform like Novatise’s Copywriting offers services that normal freelancers can’t


  • Cheaper pricing as the order count increases
  • A turn around time of under a week
  • A dashboard that let’s you track your orders and know the real-time status of your content
  • Edited content with images built into the cost
  • Best pricing in the market
  • Choose from writers with different skill sets


If you are looking to take your content marketing to the next level, then you should emply the services of Writise.


For the price of $12 for 500 words you get a


  • High-quality writer with expertise in your niche
  • SEO optimized article
  • Edited article with images added
  • Dashboard from where you can track the order
  • Two free changes to the content
  • Turn around time of one week
  • Economies of scale if you choose to increase your order count
  • Different writers for different tasks without having to worry about hiring or looking through their portfolio


Ultimately, it makes more sense to deal with a dedicated company for your content requirements than a freelancer who comes with a lot of baggage. A company that is dedicated to creating content for clients is a well-oiled machine that runs smoothly with a clear process.

Individual freelancers are passe and it’s time for dedicated services to take over to give a more professional and quality output.

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