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A lot of times while talking to our prospective clients or even leads in Singapore, they raise the question of how SEO can be done. From their understanding – SEO is just a on page optimisation by helping with meta tag, H1-H3 headers, keywords stuffing etc. However they were REAL wrong! A good SEO specialist first of all have to do a competitor analysis to check on how well your competitors are doing, how many OFF PAGE links they have and whether did they update their website often. If you do not know your competitors well, there is no chance of how you can use SEO to defeat them in rankings. Of which OFF PAGE SEO places an HUGE aspect when comes to THE ULITiMATE SEO  GOOGLE RANKING.

Search Engine Optimisation, abridged as SEO, is a popular term contemplated by online websites and blogs. It is an activity that one carries out to intensify their website’s search engine ranking. SEO practices help you drive free and organic traffic with the presence of your website on the search results. When we search for a particular keyword, there are a number of relevant sites that come up in the search results. To get our own website in the list of the relevant search results, we consider performing SEO.

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SEO is of two varieties: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. While On page SEO is about the activities conducted on the website to rank higher, off page SEO is about the events that happen outside the website. Let us discuss off Page SEO in detail.

What is Off Page SEO

It refers to all the activities conducted off the website to improve its ranking on the search engines. This includes forums and blog marketing, guest posts, social networking, etc. The Off-Page SEO activities contribute in improving brand mentions, traffic on the website or the blog, search rankings and ultimately give you better conversions. The golden rule ‘higher the ranking, more the traffic on website’ is followed with the Off-page SEO techniques.

Considerations of Off-page SEO

The off-Page SEO yields interactions and positive signals with your brand. These activities include facilitating guest posts, backlinking, explanation of the products and services, building relationships with influencers, gaining positive reviews, monitoring brand mentions, etc., promoting brand visibility ultimately creating conversions. However, heed the following 3 sections before getting into an off-Page SEO practice:

1. Brand
Brand recognition is highly imperative to sell goods and services in the market. The name associated with the products denotes quality, trust and loyalty. Thus, completely optimised pages help the site rank higher in the search results ultimately building the brand. Thus, one must heed the quality, relevancy and uniqueness of content on the pages to build the brand in the long run.

2. Audience
Understanding the market audience is imperative. One should be able to identify the target audience desirable to the brand. Communication and examining the market, their preference will help you build your services better.

3. Content
Content is the most important requirement for higher search ranking. Good content in terms of write-ups, visuals, logos, blogs, taglines, creativity benefits the readers understand the brand and build trust. At the same time, the content should vitally be unique, captivating, relevant, SEO friendly and informative.

Importance of Off Page SEO

Any brand aiming to exist for a long term cannot ignore off Page SEO. This is because off Page SEO involves all the techniques necessary to boost the traffic on your website. It not only helps in increasing the traffic but improves the credibility and user-friendliness of the same.
The primary activities involved in off page SEO are link building, social bookmarking and social media marketing. These events put into a successful off-page SEO strategy ensure improved ranking and improved traffic with much-expected sales. They give an enhanced exposure to more clicks, links, visits and social media mentions.

Off-Page SEO techniques

Following are some of the off-page SEO techniques mentioned for an improved ranking:

• Create an exceptional product or service
Make sure that the product/service you craft is of the top most quality. This makes your job of SEO easier as the site directly gains a higher ranking. If you offer a product of top-notch quality, you will be quickly referred by your customers without requiring additional efforts to increase sales. A good quality product will automatically receive positive reviews and responses.

• Excellent customer service
A poor customer service after sales will automatically bring you down in the market. It is important for every business to respect and leave a positive impact on their clients even after sales to ensure customer loyalty. Thus, make sure to satisfy your customers before as well as after sale of the commodity or service.

• Focus on the audience
People searching for products online are likely to buy products from the websites that are posted on top in the search results. Thus, always try to match your content with compelling keywords to rank better on the search engines. One who completely focuses on the web searchers intent and works for the same will always succeed.

• Social media presence is imperative
People today are actively available on social media. They tend to learn, interact, and identify more over social media rather any other platform. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. are the most popular social media platforms online today. Thus, promote your blogs, products, services over these platforms. Also, stay available to resolve queries and questions of your followers to enhance interaction and further improve customer relations. Social media marketing a very effective method to attain brand recognition.

• Building connections with influencers
Influencers are the best options that can help you generate leads and improve your connection with people. They have the power to influence people converting them into active buyers of the company. Some social media influencers are the best options to help you do so. However, choose your influencers wisely for they should be thoroughly skilled with the ability to build long lasting relationships. More the number of followers they’ll have, better will be the conversions.

• Participate actively in forums and discussion boards
This involves visiting others’ blogs and leaving comments on them. This will help you get noticed and get a number of visitors back on your blog. Quora, Reddit are some of the best platforms, to begin with. In Singapore try Hardwarezone or SGForums.

• Content
Content is the king of any website. In order to gain traffic and necessary conversions, one requires high-quality content posted on the site. You can also experiment with different content types to bring out your creativity. Use animations, infographics, videos, images, charts, layouts, themes, etc. The entirety of innovative content can help you build and retain audience’s interest. Make sure the content is 100% unique, informative, SEO friendly, captivating and emotionally connecting with the public.

To end off…

Successful SEO campaigns comprise a combination of both on page SEO techniques, off Page SEO techniques and a lot of HARD WORK. Understanding the audience, creating utility and offering support services form an excellent website. Marketing and SEO efforts require equivalent efforts as making a website does. Thus, these cannot be ignored. Now that you know the importance and techniques of off-Page SEO, please be mindful it will take months or even years to outrank your competitors. Google are not stupid – they will know whether you do a good job in maintaining the site.

A point to note is that here at SDM – we use various SEO strategies to Growth Hack your Singapore businesses to the next level.

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