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Keyword planner is a critical and powerful tool to build new search campaigns or expand the existing ones. The tool helps us to find a keyword or an ad group idea and subsequently, get historical statistics, choose competitive bids and budgets to be used in the campaigns and see the performance of a list of keywords.

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Both new and experienced advertisers have found this tool really beneficial in improving their performance in online marketing and profitability both in terms of quality and quantity. Thanks to the regular developments and updates that Google is doing to improve the features of the tool so that maximum users can take the best possible benefit out of the tool.

Recently, Google has given its updates on the Keyword Planner tool, and there is bad news for a majority of the Keyword Planner users. Many of those who are reading this article and are from the marketing background, might have already noticed that instead of precise search volume, the keyword planner data displays a range of data in the average monthly searches column. The ranges appear somewhat like this: “100K – 1M” or “1K+”. Many of you might have thought it as a technical glitch or something else. But Google has confirmed that it is not a technical glitch but indeed a calculated measure that would favour high-spending Ad-word advertisers, to optimise their account.

google adword changes

Many of the advertisers might be getting notifications that it is necessary to have an active Adwords user account to see the data. This has, of course, made the user community very much disheartened and upset. Now it is obvious that one needs to have an active campaign to see the full data and the advertisers can’t have a lower monthly spend. According to Google, most of the keyword planner data will be displayed as usual, but a section of the users who have lower monthly spend will be able to see limited data in their planner unlike their counterparts with higher monthly spend.

The problem is graver for marketers with very low monthly spend. It would render the tool practically useless for these users. But for users with better spendings, the data ranges will be more precise and shorter. The issue doesn’t end here. For people who search for search data too often, then possibilities are quite high that they may also see similar kind of range data in their keyword planner. But this issue appears to be specific to the requests sent to APIs only.

Apart from this, there were plenty of technical issues that keyword planner users were placing past few weeks. So, no need to worry anymore. All the issues have been resolved. But the restrictions are going to stay for the time being. So, all that can be done is to pray for the best and try to cope up with the change and develop strategies to improve the monthly spends so as to capitalise upon the variable restrictions being imposed upon all the regular users.

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