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LinkedIn the social platform for all business personalities, which have a huge network of professionals from all over the world. Amidst various features that LinkedIn provides, there is one unique and special feature of LinkedIn. It is the “LinkedIn ads” which provides you flexibility and privacy from your workplace. If you are not among those professionals who tend to have networking meetings but want to expand the professional network then, LinkedIn ads comes to your rescue.

But now a very precious question can pop up n your mind as to “ How would LinkedIn ads be beneficial to you or your company?” The answer to this question is quite simple. Just as Facebook and Google have their own ads, same way LinkedIn has its own LinkedIn ads where you can channelize the ads to the selected target professionals. As LinkedIn is a professional network, the professionals know what they want and what are they looking for, thus making your work easy of not popping up multiple ads to gain attraction.

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LinkedIn ads have proved to be very effective especially in the case of B2B marketing. In fact, before any payouts are to be done, you can estimate as to how efficient your ads will be.

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Let us look at some of the LinkedIn ads trick that can lead you to success.

Art of writing Quality ads with minimum characters

The most difficult thing to obtain is to creatively put up your ad with less number of characters. To let your LinkedIn ad stand out in the bunch of ads you have to make sure, you use limited characters and nail it. This can be obtained by being target specific, and not stating anything indirectly in the ad. Also always be customer centric by using “You” in the ad. This will make customer feel obliged and relate to your ad. Make sure the ads are latest and not outdated ones.

Making use of right image/picture

As per some report, chances of a customer looking to any particular ad having images are 50% more than a regular ad with no image. Amidst thousands of ads, to make your ad noticeable, using images that to, right image relevant to the ad are a must. The success ratio of the LinkedIn ads depends on the type of the image and quality of image chosen by you.

Going by the various ads, the ideal image quality for LinkedIn ad is 1200x 1200 pixels with maximum of 8MP in form of JPEG or GIF format. This way customer will tend to look up to your ad at least once.

Have target audience in mind

To ensure the success of the LinkedIn ad, you must focus on the target professionals you want to reach. With the help of targeting options, you would be easily able to pay attention to your target audiences.

Target options includes Industry, Company name and size, Job title, Gender, Degrees, Age, Location, Experience etc. There must be some tactics for each target audience and it is usually based upon the group size which is being targeted.

To understand it more, it is seen that groups having nearly 3,00,000 professionals, ideal LinkedIn ad is Sponsored Content while Group of Professionals with 60,000-4,00,000 members, Text ads are more effective.

Measuring the LinkedIn Ad performance

Measuring performance of the ads is not what you look at instead the impact of ads on the professionals must be measured. Many marketing people do take into consideration the number but it must not be the criteria. In fact, the performance is to be measured to make stronger the areas you are not so strong at.

For effective and efficient results you must measure on interpreting the numbers, should know about the measuring metrics and if the ads has been effective to your social media activities or not.


When you have decided and work upon the preparation or making of LinkedIn ads, you always tend to leave behind one of the major aspect. This aspect is Funding. The best part is LinkedIn lets you market your company/business as per your stated budget or requirements. Thus, the pressure of achieving the unattainable budgets is not very evidently present over here. In fact, to pay for your LinkedIn ads, they provide variety of options. Thus among those payment methods, you can chose the one which is most convenient to you.

If you have still not worked upon LinkedIn, do so via Optimising Strategy and drive value to your business.

Hear from us how we can drive quality leads from LinkedIn for your business.

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