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Anyone who spends a fair amount of time on the internet knows that it is hard to get through a day without a few advertisements thrown on your face all day long. And, almost always, these ads seem to be bang on target and are about things that you have been wanting to buy for a while and services that you are keenly interested in. These ads that creep into your Facebook walls and YouTube playlist surprisingly happen to be centered on your interests and passions.

Now, thinking from the perspective of the other side of the spectrum, this is exactly what you want to happen if you are a business owner or a service provider. All you want is to get a word out about the products and services you offer and to enhance and improve the brand value of your business. And, if you had researched on ways and means to increase the visibility of your business, you surely might have come across pages on Google’s own Google Display Network.

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Google Display Network or GDN

If you run a business or a brand, the Google Display Network makes it extremely easy for you to place your ads on popular websites and social media channels. The GDN is one of the most powerful tools for branding and it can increase your visibility by maximizing your exposure.

The Wide Reach of Google Display Network

What makes GDN so powerful is the wide reach it manages to achieve. Advertisements through the Google Display Network is visible on almost 2 million websites and it is said to reach a major chunk of the regular internet users. Prospective buyers might be subjected to your ads on a daily basis when they play games, watch videos on news channels or even when they check their email messages.

Why using Google Display Network is beneficial to brands and businesses?

As expected, the benefits and advantages of using GDN are surely multi-fold. The biggest advantage it has is that it lets you reach your target audience. The advertisements of your brand are hosted on websites with content that are closely related to the services and products your business offers. This makes sure that there is a better chance that your ads will reach your prospective buyers and that the visits to your website are more likely to be converted to sales and revenue.

The expenses incurred for Google Display Network are based on the results you get from the same. You are only charged by the service if the viewers click on the advertisement and land on your brand website. The service also allows you to set a pre-determined advertising budget for a day affordable for your business and makes sure that you can manage your brand’s overall marketing budget based on this.

Another huge advantage of the Google Display Network is that it needn’t be all textual. You can also make use of images, animation and videos to promote your brand or business. These ads tend to have a bigger visual impact on the viewers and being able to advertise with your brand logo gives you more brand recognition and enhanced brand value.

Google Search Network vs Google Display Network

The Google Search Network allows you to place your advertisements on the search engine and it shows up as organic search results based on the keyword or phrases the user has input. But, the Google Display Network is more passive in nature and is displayed on websites that your target audience have a high probability of visiting.

While the Search Network might get you solid results, it is not as cost-effective as the Display Network. Also, the Google Display Network lets you make use of visual media like images and animations to advertise your brand.

How big the Google Display Network is?

As a business owner who wants to advertise his brand, you might want an idea about the extent of your ad campaign and the websites your ads is going to appear in. The Google Network covers almost 2 million websites and it includes Google’s own popular websites like YouTube, Blogger and also AdSense websites.

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The Google Display Network also allows you to handpick the locations and sites where you want your advertisement to be displayed in. Making use of this feature can help you maximize the results you derive from the campaign. You can choose the specific websites, mobile games, applications and feeds where you want your ads to appear in. This should be done after keeping in mind your target audience and figuring out the probable websites and applications they might visit and use.

By designating a few keywords and phrases, you can also make Google do this placements for you. But for better results, it is highly recommended that you choose the domains, websites and applications by yourself.

Selecting your Target Audience

The target audience for your ads should be selected based on the people who have shown interest in brands and services similar to what your business provides. You can choose such specific interests and relevant topics and the Google Display Network would show the ads to such users. The demographics of the audience also matters and whether a viewer turns into a potential customer depends on their age, sex, geographical location and such other attributes.

Analyzing your Advertising Campaign

It isn’t enough to sign up for Google Display Network and wait for new customers to plunge to your website. You need to do constant checks on your GDN campaign and see how it is faring. The performances of the ads should be watched closely and necessary tweaks should be made to improve the reach and efficiency of the campaign. You can also make use of the inbuilt reporting and analytic tools in Google Display Network to measure the performance.

Be Patient

The important thing to remember is that the right results does take its own sweet time. Even if the clicks don’t start to come from the first day, remember that your brand value is slowly growing in the background.

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