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A lot of companies these days are driving thousands of visitors to their websites and social platforms through video content. I’m not talking about companies like Buzzfeed that are in the content business. I’m talking about serious product companies that are not in the entertainment business or content business. When marketing gets too saturated, the impact of that marketing goes down. People can desensitize to marketing techniques that are over done.

If your company is in a space that isn’t too “serious”, then you definitely have to consider video marketing. Video marketing is simple, you produce video content consistently that drives traffic to your site and social channels. Like a written blog post, but with video. Before we get to how, let’s get to the why.

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Everybody knows that the action happens on smartphones. This is a topic that is covered so widely. And on the smartphone people spend their maximum time on the largest social network in the world. This is a fact that is widely known as well.

A blog with content doesn’t work in this scenario because in this attention deficit world nobody is going to read your post and secondly the screen is too small for written content. So what do you have?


Videos are short, sweet and pack a lot of information in a small time frame.

So now you are convinced that videos are good for you, but you’re wondering how. Many of you might be thinking that making videos is extremely hard. Takes too much time and is probably very expensive and so on. It’s not as hard as you think it is.

Let’s take the case study of a company in the travel space.

video showcase

Ixigo is a travel based business out of India. They are aggregators of tickets. As they are in the travel space they can play around with content a bit like making articles such as “10 cheap budget destinations you must visit in 2016”. The problem with this is, it’s easily replicable and it doesn’t differentiate at all. Ixigo uses video to showcase similar content that gets them a lot more eyeballs.

Take a look at this video

This video’s content is very simple. It talks about travel hacks. Now let’s break this video down and see how it benefits Ixigo.

  • The content appeals to everybody who travels. And people love tips and tricks.
  • It is a two minute video and looking at the content, it wouldn’t have taken them a long time at all.
  • The products in the video are everyday objects and nothing has been additionally purchased for the sake of the video.
  • The background music of the video can be easily acquired from a creative commons audio website. There is no voice over, so there is no writing of a script or doing a voice over for that matter.
  • The views on the video is a million. This is only on Youtube. Facebook has close to 7,00,000 views. With 16,000 likes. That is a lot of engagement for a company that isn’t  in the content business.

The reach of this video is much more than a blog post. Imagine getting 2 million views on a blog post. Facebook is a channel where content spreads fast because of the sharing capability. So if you happen to make a simple video that appeals to people then you will reach a lot of people.

So what are the benefits of this video?

Your Facebook page actually works for you. A lot of company’s facebook pages have content flowing consistently without any sort of engagement. This is because the content isn’t good enough to be on facebook for that particular audience. When more people engage with your content, Facebook’s algorithms figures out that this content is performing well and we should spread it even more. So this makes sure that people who are not fans of the page get to know about your brand.

As people are highly engaged with the brand, people spend a few more seconds on a post by the brand when they are scrolling through their feed. This makes sure that you can push out any offers posts or more business oriented posts. If the offer has true value then people will go for it.

So how do you create your video marketing plan?

  • Create a content plan

When you are making a content plan you need a right mix of content that your audience will love as well as the Industry that you are in. For hardcore B2B businesses it might be hard to find this right mix, but most businesses will be able to find a balance. Make sure to create a plan for six months. Create content for festivals, holidays and also the latest trending topics. Have a plan of how you are going to execute each video. Keep thinking of ideas and put it in your plan.

  • Get your basic equipment

You might need more than an iPhone to shoot your videos, especially when it’s shooting outside. Buy the right video and audio equipment. It’s an investment.

  • Keep at it

Keep producing work. You might not get that many views when you are starting out initially. But keep it consistent. This is what your content plan will help you with, focus on what’s next instead of seeing what happened in the past. Remember Angry Birds was Rovio’s 44th game.

  • Distribute well and understand your audience.

Distribute your video on all social channels including blogs, Stumble Upon, Tumblr and also on Youtube and Facebook and even on Whatsapp groups with your friends and family. Don’t do it all at once, do it channel by channel and see which channel works the best. Look at the data of the videos.

  • Which video topic gets the maximum shares?
  • Which video topics gets the maximum views?

Keep working on content that shows promise. Iterate your content calendar every 3 months to add new content ideas.

This was a primer on Video marketing and hopefully this article will get you started on your journey to virality.

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