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As a marketer you need to be a beast at handling different things if you want to be good at what you do. The role of a digital marketer in Singapore has changed and is changing and the adaptability quotient is expected to be very high.

So what skills does a modern day marketer need to have?

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  • Listen to Data

big data

Every decision that is taken has a number backing it. The world is too dynamic and unpredictable to take decisions on gut feeling. Data also helps with finding out smaller problems that normally is overseen. For example, if your drop off (bounce rate) from your homepage is very high and the drop off from other pages on your site is low, then it tells you that your homepage should be worked on. A marketer without data would never even think that this is a problem that needs to be taken care of. So before every campaign or marketing initiative, a good marketer set their systems with analytics and data so that they can capture the best information as possible.

  • Understand marketing platforms

marketing platform

This is a core issues that even some experienced marketers miss out on. Every channel has it’s own characteristic. Not every business will be able to do well on Facebook. If your customers aren’t users of a particular platform, then it doesn’t make sense to have a presence on that platform, you’ll just be wasting time. So a good marketer should know his customers and know a marketing channel really well to have any sort of impact.

  • Being a step ahead

innovative business

Due to the nature of marketing platforms and how saturated they can get very soon, it’s very important to be able to gauge what will work next. This means that any new platform that is growing and that can be tapped into or understand a new novel way of marketing that nobody has thought of before. For example, the guy who figured out that a “Lead Magnet” will be able to get a lot of users to sign up is a marketer who is ahead of the curve.

  • Experimentation and Creativity

time to change

A great marketer is always testing out new stuff and experimenting with channels, content and strategies. It’s a trial and error process. Marketing isn’t super straight forward. It doesn’t work like this.

  • Setup website
  • Get traffic
  • Make money

There are more things attached to it and the ones who experiment a lot and are creative in their approach are the ones who do well.

If you have these skills then you are already better than 90% of the digital marketers out there. What other skills do you think a digital marketer in Singapore needs? Do share with us.

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My name is Jon. I started internet marketing since 2007 and have set up and sold off many websites and mobile apps. Here at SingaporeDigitalMarketing, we write about some of the best tactics and strategies to push your online marketing initiatives. We have created numerous digital applications over the years and have grown them into crazy money making assets.

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