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The Secret Sauce to making Good Money through Blogging in Singapore 2019

By January 25, 2019 No Comments

Do you know how much top bloggers in Singapore charge for a sponsored editorial post? S$10,000!

Yes you never see wrongly, one post that might not bring you any leads will make you pay the top dollars to be listed on their site.

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Imagine that you know nothing about blogs, marketing, wordpress and what keywords to be use. How will you going to make money with a blog but you want to generate income with a blog on the internet and even to live it?

way to make money through blogging in singapore


Worry no more; you’ve come to the right place! I will answer everything that you wanted to know.

Steps to make money:

1 Blogger

It is the platform for creating and publishing blogs of google. You do not need to have a domain or hosting, even installing software and write any codes. You can easily create a blogger account using your google account.

2 WordPress.com

This platform will provide an environment ready to create content without the knowledge of html. You only need to register for free to start your blog. It has many variety themes that customize the blog also allow you to modify the CSS of the theme. It also features integrated web traffic statistics to analyze visits to your blog. WordPress has security backups, and support to give you the help you need.

You can hire the domain and hosting a site with another company without problem. You can find domain services from Namecheap. You can also buy it at Godaddy, and other sites.

Domain considerations:

The domain will be your address. Choose wisely to help you position yourself on search engines. I will give you the 2 options:

1 Putting your brand

It is call as you company name. So you need to promote that brand to a professional or yourself.

2 Put a domain name related to your activity

Think of a keyword that defines your business and why users go to find you through search engines. Try to choose a short name that is easily to remember by the user and easy to read.

There are lots of extensions such as .com, .net, .org.

Now choose a good template for your site

There are lots of free and paid templates to choose from. Choose one that suits your business.


How to write your articles

Your blog is basically composed of content. Make an attractive content to your target audience. The idea is that people come into your blog and come back. By writing interesting content you will make an effort and follow a set of basic rules. Write something like attracting title, shocking or funny so that people will follow and hooks the reader with an entertaining and interesting content that provides value to the reader. You must write to please your readers and the search engines like google. To do this you must also know well what are the appropriate keywords to your purpose.


It is one or more keywords, for wanting to be found in search engines. With every post you write you can point a specific keyword. Repeat the keyword across all text and especially in the title. If that keyword also appears In the URL and the name of domain, then it is even better.

Now you have a blog conditions and it’s time to make money. You will need a little patience to make money with your blog. Your blog will not going to position on search engines under any keyword. The most important thing is not to get discouraged and be patient, the first post may not go as well as you expect, even if you have good ideas.

Try out Writise Article Writing Services if you are keen to take the first step out.

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