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Although Keywords are very important, SEO has moved away from strategies like Keyword Stuffing. Google has updated its algorithm and old-school ling building strategies do no cut it anymore. Today we’re going to give examples that can be used by you to boost your rankings. We are going to take our own example of our SEO services in Singapore.

1.Skyscraper Technique

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So to start off, my company-Novatise provides SEO services in Singapore and would like our content to do really well. Truth be told, content isn’t equal. There are pieces of content that do really well compared to the others. Now to rank your website better, you need content that performs exceptionally well. Here is a step-by-step break down of this technique

  • Find out content that does exceptionally well, in your niche. Use a tool called Ruzzit.com to find out trending and high performing topics. For us it’s SEO services, so that’s what we type in the search bar.

seo tools singapore

  • There are some results that we can see that have got a lot of traction, including social shares. This is the kind of content that we are looking for.

seo marketing singapore

  • The next step is to create content in the similar lines, but much longer, more researched and improved. So for example, the first result is “Machine Learning in the SEO world”. Figure out a content strategy for this post, and write a longer, better version of that post.  More than 1,500 words with a lot of Images and Videos.
  • Once the content is ready, reach out to other top SEO blogs and pitch the Idea to them. They will cover it because of the length, and value that you’ve provided. Get a link back from them to your website. When you distribute this content to more than 5 to 6 top blogs, your page authority is sure to rise up.

2.Use Google-My Business.

Google my business is a way for businesses to get listed on Google. It’s a simple process, where you register your website and choose your address and you get a letter delivered to your office with your code. Once you enter this code, your website is registered. The benefits of this are:

  • If people are searching for SEO services Singapore or SEO services, then before the organic results, the results of all the SEO businesses in and around the user’s search query will be listed. This is a simple way to get noticed on Google and be above the organic search results.

You can get a listing like this for your business.

seo services singapore

3.Guest Blogging

For good SEO, good quality in-bound links are very important. Where do you get these quality links? Through, popular blogs and publications.

The good news is publications need high quality content all the time. But, the bad news is, there is a lot of competition.

To be better than the best, you need extremely high quality products and you need a great pitch.

For us, to promote our SEO services we need to choose blogs that don’t compete directly with us. And, the pitch to guest bloggers should be absolutely perfect. We use a simple template to pitch our blog post. Here is an example template.

Hi <Person’s name>,

I’m an avid reader, especially because you guys cover trends in the landscape. 

I got in touch with you through your <medium of contact>. and I’m writing to you because I’d love to contribute a guest post to <blog name>. 

I belong to a SEO services company that provides SEO support for companies in Singapore and elsewhere. We run experiments all the time and have come up with a lot of insights from our experiences. It’s original and high quality.

I’ve been mulling over some topics for SEO and we finalized an idea your readers would get a ton of value from. It’s pretty actionable and relatable as well. 

Could you let me know, what format do you want it in and if there are any dos and don’ts. I would love to share it with you guys soon. 


<Your name>

The above white-hat techniques are sure to get your Page Rank up on Google. Let us know in the comments about any strategies you use.

By Jon Ng


Author Jon Ng

My name is Jon. I started internet marketing since 2007 and have set up and sold off many websites and mobile apps. Here at SingaporeDigitalMarketing, we write about some of the best tactics and strategies to push your online marketing initiatives. We have created numerous digital applications over the years and have grown them into crazy money making assets.

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