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E-mail marketing is still a very effective channel for promotion especially when the users have opted in. But the competition is high and every blog or website are adding a slew of features to stand out from the rest.

Let’s look at some newsletter optimisations to increase your CTR’s (Click Through Rates)

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  • Subject, Subject, Subject.

Nobody will click through your mail, if your subject is shoddy or is not appealing enough. Here we have two examples.

One is a question that evokes a curiosity in us. And the other is a direct message that tells us how to make your Facebook page a gateway to sales.



One should always, test their subjects and measure CTR’s. You cannot have a one-style suits all approach. For everybody, it’s different.


  • The Design of the Newsletter


The design of the newsletter should be simple and clear. It should also hava a unique design that separates it from other e-mails. This holds true especially foe E-commerce stores that all have similar offers.

Let’s do a break down of a Newsletter Design.

Wait But Why is a blog that has high quality original content with various topics.

  1. They start off with their logo and branding, which clearly stands out.
  2. They cut to the chase and mention that their new blog post is available on the site.
  3. Below, that, they have a crystal clear call to action with the title in a bigger font and in a different color as well. The first rule of sales and marketing is, make it easy for those people to purchase, who are already Interested in the product. This is why; in the second-line there is a great call to action.
  4. For people who did not Click through, they have a paragraph to read and for the people who skim through it, they have written it in bold, the action they want you to take.

newsletter marketing


Another Breakdown of an E-commerce store that has an Offer.

newsletter campaign



Flipkart is an online e-commerce store that has a flash sale for 3 to 4 days. Now in this newsletter design, the copy is key. Notice how they use the words “Now or Never”. They also show value by saying, there are 10% off on certain banks that is added incentive.


  • Call to Actions

The point of a newsletter is defeated if there isn’t any motion for action. Call to Actions in the right place is a gateway to your product. It has become so important that a lot of companies use buttons in the call to actions to replicate the same effect as that of a webpage.

The Image below looks like it is on a website, but it is actually from an E-mail template.

newsletter campaign



  • Value

The most important aspect that should clearly be communicated through an e-mail newsletter is Value. There are 1000’s of blogs vying for people’s attention. There are blogs that give away so much value for free that they would normally charge thousands of dollars for. If your content exudes value and that is clearly shown through your newsletter, then you have a great newsletter campaign!


Article By Jon Ng


Author Jon Ng

My name is Jon. I started internet marketing since 2007 and have set up and sold off many websites and mobile apps. Here at SingaporeDigitalMarketing, we write about some of the best tactics and strategies to push your online marketing initiatives. We have created numerous digital applications over the years and have grown them into crazy money making assets.

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