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If you are going to start a business in today’s world, the first thing you need is a good website for the presentation of your business. With a great website comes great opportunities and your business will be able to prosper flawlessly. Now, what do we need for creating a well-designed website? Of course a brilliant web design company. They will check your requirements, estimated price and create the website accordingly based on your demands. They will suggest you various designs of websites with various price ranges. Now one thing you need to find out about if the price they are offering is genuine or are they overcharging you.

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Here in this article, you will get the details about what to check and what not while hiring a web designing company so that they can’t just make easy money from you. So, if you are going to hire someone, check the article before that and if you already hired someone, you can ask him to justify his contract if there is a problem. But most importantly check prices of various companies before choosing one among them.

So, there are a few things which will tell you that if the company you chose for your web designing is overcharging you or not. You need to check various factors depending on your requirements and goals.

  • The requirements and the goals: Decide what you need in different segments and the pages of the website? You can make it an e-Commerce site where people can buy their desired products or a general site to display your product range. If you are thinking about an e-Commerce site, there are various plugins and options you need to have on the site like shipping systems, payment options, and shopping carts, and for keeping these option, your charges for creating the website will be much higher than others. There will be different additional charges if you need info graphics, special graphical representation, or special programming for your website.
  • Web hosting and the registration of the domain: You must consult with the executive of the web hosting company if you see that the prices are higher to know that whether the web hosting and the registration of the domain are included in the package or not. The registration for a domain name which is popularly known as the URL or web address is not very costly. It costs around $8 to $15 per year for a ,.com and $45-60 for a .sg/.com.sg domain. Web hosting can be a bit costlier in many ways though there are some free web hosting companies. Nevertheless, the total cost of registration and web hosting will not be higher than $200 per year. Some of the best web hosting companies are NameCheap or GoDaddy
  • Number of people working: If you are getting quotes from bigger company the price will be much higher as they have a big and expert team to take care of the job while with the smaller agencies, the price will be a lot low as there are not too many people who will be working on your website. In big companies, there will be a coordinator, who will have people such as copywriter, programmer, SEO specialist, and web designer in his wing to make a perfect website for you. Hence, with so many people working on the site, no wonder that the price will be higher.
  • Reputation and brand name of the company you are choosing: Brand name, reputation, and experience make very big factors in the price of the product. The same case is there with web designing companies. If your choosing a bigger and reputed company, the price will be higher than an upcoming new company as new companies will work on low costs due to the competitive market. The best thing to do in this regard is to choose a freelancer for the job but not all freelancers are good so you must check his background and his previous works before hiring.
  • Customization of the website: In older days the designing companies are the one who designs a website completely for the client depending on his requirement. The customize everything like the number of pages, the concept of the website, and also the designs of the website. For doing all these work they charge heavily from the clients. But now things had changed. With the inclusion of WordPress in the scene people can find various themes and designer templates for their websites online. Buying them online will be a lot cheaper than asking the web designing agencies to design the full concept. You can do that by just taking help from some freelance web designers or even yourselves.
  • Testing Usability: Some companies include this option in the package while a few others do not so you have to know that from the executive while discussing the plan. These tests are done to check that if your websites are perfect for the audience you are targeting or not. They will change the website accordingly after checking the feedback and comments of a few customers. But, nowadays we can find readymade themes which are user-friendly as well as tested so it does not make sense to do a different testing for the same. The only thing it will do is increase your costing.

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  • The CMS vs HTML: The designing costs can be lowered by a proper content management system or CMS. With the lowered costs you can certainly add more pages on your website. You can edit the programming files or codes and any other information on your website with the help of CMS. There are a lot of famous CMS platforms nowadays, some of the best are Joomla, WordPress, Magneto, and Drupal.
  • Some additional factors to keep in mind: While checking the quotation presented by the web designing companies, you have to be careful as they tend to exclude a lot of things so with proper checking of the quotation you can make sure that everything is in the right path. There are some additional plugins which you may install like MailChimp, AWeber, Google web console, Google XML sitemap, and Google Analytics so you need to check that too. SEO or the search engine optimization is another thing you must consider while creating a website. This can be executed properly by freelance designers or various web designer agencies. It will help to generate a great amount of visitors to your website. So finally, what you have to check while checking the quotation for inclusion is SEO, copywriting, banner designs, and logo design.
  • Maintenance of the website: Another feature you need to consult with your web designing partners. There must be a period which should be small by any means where the designing team will change the website according to your demand and where will you get the information about what to change? You will get that from the clients who will review your websites and put comments on it. This option is given for free from some companies and some others charge extra for this.

If all these things are checked properly no web designing agency will be able to charge extra money from you as they will understand that you know the minute details of the job.

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