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1.It’s a must-have.

Websites without social icons or widgets look strange nowadays. Besides, social networks can boast of huge numbers of users – and it would be irrational to miss such an opportunity to present your business to the wider public. You should have accounts in social media sites relevant to your niche, target audience, purposes and so on. Before opening public pages you should make sure you prepare good avatars and covers corresponding to your webstore style and color scheme. Or, ideally, order these from a professional designer. And certainly don’t forget descriptions, all other required info and links to your website on every account.

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2. With SMM you keep customers

informed of all company news and offers, so they don’t lose sight of you and share your content. This is also a great opportunity for loyalty programs: you let your customers know about discounts, promos and can even publish coupon codes. That’s why internet users subscribe to webstores’ social accounts – they want to be the first to know about the best deals, so don’t hesitate to provide them with this useful information via your social accounts.



3. Social accounts sell
Commonly businesses avoid too much advertizing in social media and don’t try to sell anything directly to the subscribers. But the experience of some successful accounts (created in support of webstores) show that selling goods via social media is not only possible, but can be a great success. Some niches, such as fashion, entertainment, baby care, etc., seem to be ideal for sales via SMM channels, so why not take over this strategy?


4. Social accounts show that the business is alive
Even if your webstore is not updated for months, its pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, if run on a regular basis, prove that you are ok. Make daily product posts with backlinks to your webstore. The posts should contain a title, caption, hashtags, a backlink to a product page and a quality photo. Also post neutral visual content connected with your niche to make your accounts look interesting and attractive.


5. All social pages make you more visible in Google
Social media sites are loved by search engines and are usually ranked pretty highly. Besides, you get targeted traffic to your website, together with social signals which are a must-have for high search engine rankings. One successful post can give you so many social signals and quality traffic that you’ll notice a rise in your search engine position within just a few days.


6. Social networks give companies a great chance to become close to their target audience
To gain loyalty and to communicate at ease. You interact with subscribers in a form of a dialogue and get to know their needs and opinions at first hand. Your social accounts are also a great source for customer reviews, which is priceless when it comes to attracting new clients to your webstore and lowering their indecision before the first purchase from you.

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