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These few years have been extremely crucial for SEO and 2017 is going to be even more crucial. The way the web works and content is consumed has changed considerably. Mobile for example has become a huge communication medium and optimising for that has become paramount. Similar to this there are many areas of “action” that can be tapped by you to get higher rankings. So let’s get into the actionable bit of this article that you can implement for your websites in Singapore.

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Content is still king

In the foreseeable future I can think we can say with confidence that content will still remain king. Why? This is what people share. Whatever people share is what is good for SEO Singapore and rankings – SEO tips ill say. More sharing is more eyeballs which is more traffic and that means a higher SERP.

The kind of content that you need to make depend on your audience but Infographics is a great as shareable content and of course video is pretty great as well. Keep an eye on video, because it is going to become bigger and better. There is no barrier for entry in terms of creating content and going viral once can make a huge difference. Video suits well in this generation where attention spans have plummeted. A combination of text and video content will keep users spend a lot of time in your website which drives up ranking.

UI and UX

Google is making the web better. It’s not just enough if users come to your website, but how they behave on your website is also an important aspect. This means if the time spent on your site is less or the UI and UX is bad, then Google will penalise you. Make sure to spend some time on the flow of your website so users are able to understand your website better and perform the actions that you want them to.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Like we mentioned earlier, Mobile traffic is playing a huge role and if your site isn’t responsive then Google is going to penalize you. Make sure to build a responsive site if you haven’t already.

Site Speed

Amazon did a study where they found out that site speed and sales had a direct correlation. When the site was slow, the sales were lesser. When Internet speeds are above 15 MBPS in many cities all over the world, it is expected to have a website opened in seconds. If yours takes a lot more time, then you will be penalized not only by your users but by Google as well.

Use the tool Pingdom to figure out your site’s speed and areas of Improvement.

On-Page Optimization Tips

Optimizing every page of your website is another important component in making your 2016 SEO strategy effective.

Start your title tag with the keyword you want to rank for

This is pretty self-explanatory. When the Google algorithm goes through your title tag they immediately know the core of your content in the beginning itself.

Use simple and readable URL’s

Make URL’s that can be ready by people. So for example make sure to have your URL’s like abc.com/good-article and not abc.com/post1/badarticle

Use a lot of Images, Videos and rich content

Anything that helps users in spending a longer time on the website must be practiced and a good strategy for this is using a lot of Images and Videos.

Use your keywords within the first 100 words of your article

Similar to point A. It’s important to let the algorithm know the content of the article in the first few sentences so it’s easy to classify the content immediately and make a strong case for the kind of content it should be bucketed under.

Outbound linking to top sites

Be generous with your outbound linking to top content sites like Entrepreneur.com and Forbes for example. The authority of your site increases when you link to sites with good authority.

Link Internally within your blog

Linking within your articles to content on your website is paramount because when the Google crawler is moving through your website it accesses URL’s to go to other pages and when you link internally then more of your pages get covered.

Optimize your images with the right Alt-text

It’s a simple addition but can help your images rank better in turn improving your site rankings. Make sure to add relevant title captions for Images as well as Image titles. Imagine if you have a picture of a chocolate dessert, then a right image title would be ‘Chocolate Cake’ instead of Image1. This is one of the best SEO tips to remember.

Make sure to add social share buttons

Making your content as shareable as possible is paramount. For every article of yours, you should add social buttons so that people are urged to share your content. If your content does well socially then it reflects on your rankings.

Write long content

Another on-page optimization strategy is long-form content. Any article over 1,500 words does really well compared to content with lesser words. Go deep with your content!

Research and come up with a good content strategy

Some content are evergreen, that is people will always search for them and read them. Some content perform much better than other kind of content. For example Sports related content will always do well because that’s where people’s interests lie. Content around Kim Kardashian will work better than Stephen Hawking because more people are interested in the former. Research your content and find the most popular content with tools like Ruzzit.

Those were our 2016 SEO tips to improve your website rankings in Singapore. Executing these SEO tips is paramount and that is when you’ll know if they work for you or not. So execute these tips and let us know and keep following our blog for more updated content on SEO Strategies. Another tip is to keep re-checking your SEO strategy every quarter and update it according to Google’s updates. It’s always important to have the latest information to best take advantage of the algorithm updates. Hook up our team at Digital Marketing Singapore to save the hassle if you deem its too troublesome.

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