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Email has been the most successful of online marketing channels in the history of the Internet. Nothing has come close to beating e-mail and contrary to popular belief, it is still strong in this era, especially so in Singapore.

Email is such a strong online marketing channel that quotes like “The money is in the list”(Refers to the email list) have become popular.  Email has evolved over the years, players like Gmail have put stringent rules for spam control. The analytics and data around email have also changed with top marketers using experimentation to figure out the best times to send emails and so on.

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Why Email?

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For those of you who still have doubts about email, then you should read this. Email is still personal, more than any other forms of advertising or marketing. The first thing people check in the morning when they wake up is their emails. Unlike a social feed where your content is moving, in email marketing, mails stay in your inbox at least for a day.

From the Getresponse study, here are some statistics.

  • The average open rate for all industries is 21.73%
  • The average click through rate for all industries is 3.57%
  • South America and Europe have some of the highest open rates
  • Over 64% of the company’s that have been polled rate email marketing as the best marketing channel.

Here are some numbers that will give you a perspective of what is going to be improved.

  • About 57% of email marketers are increasing their budgets for 2016-17.
  • Almost half of the marketers in the world do not segment their emails when they send it out
  • Just 4% of email marketers understand their customers and their behaviors
  • Over 30% of email marketers do not optimize their mails .

Let’s check out some email marketing strategies in Singapore that your businesses can put to good use.

  • Segmenting

Segmenting is one of the most important things that you can do in 2016. Email service providers have all updated their tools to let you segment users based on many parameters.

  • Segmenting users based on your own parameters

You can separate your users based on many parameters such as a job title for example. So you will be able to provide content based on their seniority. You can create your own custom parameters.

  • Segmenting based on Interests

Obviously you can segment your content based on the users interests. If your content for your blog is exhaustive, then it would make sense to give your users to pick their choice of topics. This makes sure that you are sending them content, that they like and connect with.

  • Segmenting based on Activity

Even if you ask for feedback on your content and mails, many users may not be honest. But their actions never lie. So segmenting users based on the way they reacted to your content can help you drill down further and get even more specific.

  • Emails opened in Mobiles

mobile emails

Mobile is gaining prominence and the growth of mobile has been more rapid than any other technology in the history of the technology business. People opening mails on their mobile devices has increased by 30% and this can be attributed to the fact that increase in smart phone usage has increased by a whopping 394% in the past half a decade.

So what are some tips for optimizing mobile?

1. Using templates that are mobile friendly.

Many email service providers already have templates that are built for the mobile experience. Using these templates can ease your transition into mobile without having to design any yourself.

2. Reducing the subject line

The mobile experience isn’t built for long content. It is built for short content. If you keep this in mind, then your emails will perform really well on mobile interfaces. Your subject lines should get shorter and more apt.

3. Make sure to use the right images

Using the right sized images are important. Everything is smaller on the phone and if your images aren’t big enough or have too many details, then you may have wasted space by having an image.

4. Use lesser text and bigger buttons

Get to the point when it comes to emails on the mobile because the attention spans of users on the mobile are much lesser. It is estimated that only a minute is spent in checking mails. Also remember to use bigger buttons that can be touched by the finger. This acts as a big call to action which can take the user to your website.

3. Video, Animation and Graphics

Emails are getting more interactive and many companies are using animations to get the user’s attention. Other marketers use videos in their mails as videos convey the message faster than text. GIF’s are also becoming common place among e-commerce stores to show variety.

A good way to start off with Video is by actually using the [VIdeo] in your subject line to give you an idea of the CTR’s. A lot of marketers have reported an increase in CTR’s because of the addition.

  • Testing and Data

This is a common theme in most of our content and we will say it again. Email is one of those channels that can be tested exhaustively. There are a lot of components that can be tested.

  • Subject Line of your Email
  • Copy within your Email
  • Call to Actions
  • Type of Content
  • Timing of the Email

Also to be effective with Email, make sure your list building is spot on and that you are collecting emails from reliable sources and you are getting the right people to your list. If you use underhanded means to collect emails, then you will not get the returns that you expect. Put time and effort in creating lead magnets, landing pages and content that attracts the right people. And also remember not to over promise and under deliver.

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