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Trust is one of the most important factors when it comes to establishing a positive relationship with your potential customers. Think of a situation where you are about to visit The Hour Glass store in Singapore to purchase a Rolex watch. On the way to the store you meet a guy wearing a dozen shiny Rolex watches in both hands urging you to buy an authentic Rolex watch from him. Unless you are really gullible, there is no way you’d want to buy those watches right… Reason? Because you don’t know the guy and there is no chance that those watches gonna be real.

Although this is not likely to happen, I chose this example because there are lot of digital marketers out there who are very similar to the fake Rolex salesman. They would connect with you via email or Facebook and start pushing you to make a purchase without even trying to establish a relationship of trust. This one of the crucial mistakes marketers make and this is precisely why they lose a lot of their potential clients. One of the easiest way to establish trust with your potential customers is by providing them with top notch content which are not easy to come across. In this article we are going to discuss why and how you can build a rewarding relationship with your potential customers.

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Why you need to build trust?

Even a few decades back a company used to call on the experts for advertising purposes. For instance cigarette companies like Lucky Strike used to advertise that their cigarettes are recommended by doctors to combat throat irritation.

crazy advertisment

Even though this might sound insane, such a strategy actually worked 6 decades back. However, luckily for us the times have changed and so has the advertising tactics. According to a recent Hubspot survey just 3% of the surveyed people consider the marketing and sales people to be reliable. This puts the marketers at a great disadvantage which is why they are trying to put forth the effort required to build trust with their potential customers.

Special care needs to be taken to deal with the millennials since as marketing strategist Mathew Tyson wrote, they don’t trust the adverts. A meagre 1% of millennials believe that a well done advert prompts them to check out the product/service. The rest 99% are cynical of advertising. This is precisely why the companies are now spending more time on creating a relationship of trust with the customers and less time on pushing their products or service. Customers will not purchase a product from you unless you have established a considerable degree of trust. The more your customer like your content, the greater will be the trust.

To put it simply, getting a compelling product to the market isn’t enough. Trust has replaced exposure in the marketing currency of 2017. Now let’s come to the more important part of our topic viz. how to build trust?

How solid content can help you nurture trust?

Previously it was believed that trust is a matter of authority. When you become an authority in your field people would naturally trust you. We used to blindly trust the marketers to tell us which product to trust and purchase. This scenario has changed irrevocably and these days one has to slowly earn trust with time.

Earn trust by creating compelling content

One of the most remarkable ways of earning your customer’s trust is by providing them with engaging content. Now you might ask ‘What exactly do you mean by engaging content?’ Well engaging content is the kind of content which helps to demonstrate the expertise and authority of the seller/author and adds value to the viewer. Good content should prompt the viewers to share the post with their peers. It should assure the reader that the seller/author can be totally trusted with a particular topic.

Just think about all the crap content we often encounter on the web. All those Facebook posts about cat meres, spam mails, Drake GIFs and other mindless articles. It goes without saying that the customers are flooded with redundant content which don’t mean much. So as an entrepreneur if you want to grab your reader’s attention in this saturated market what do you need to do? Well, you need to come up with interesting content which would grip your readers and make them think of you as an authority on the given topic.

Tactics to Promote Your Blog Content on Facebook

Why go for long blog pieces?

A long a detailed blog post would firmly establish your knowledge and authority on a given topic. Short blogs are out of fashion these days, since they don’t help much in establishing your credibility. Given below are a few reasons why you need to make your blogs considerably lengthy.

  • Long posts are known to get more shares on social media

Although retweets and Facebook shares aren’t the sole index of the success of your content, they are extremely crucial for gaining your audience’s trust. I believe that sharing a post is a bold and intimate act where the user is urging others to pay attention and check out something of importance. When hundreds of people share your post it establishes you as somebody who can easily be trusted. Your readers not only likes to share cat memes and food pictures, they also like to share long form content which are informative and intellectually stimulating. This is why you should spend more time on creating epic content which stands a chance of being shared by your potential customers.

  • Google likes long blog posts

If you want to land up on the first page of Google then make sure that you consistently create long-form content. When Wordstream started publishing long content instead of the short ones, there had been a drastic enhancement in user engagement. According to a study conducted by backlinko, the average word count of the top 10 results on Google is 1,890 words. Wikipedia always stands among the top 5 results of Google because most of their entries are over 7,000 words and come with excellent internal and external references. Google deems the long-form posts valuable since they believe that they can answer the user’s query better than a 500-600 words post.

How to create content which builds trust?

Now that you have learned about the importance of trust building you need to know about a specific plan to create content which fosters trust with your customers. Given below are 4 simple steps to help you out in this regard.

  • Determine your target audience

Before creating your content you need to determine whom your content is aimed at. Every viewer is searching for different keywords and phrases. Unless you start speaking the language of your audience, you are never going to gain their trust. So if you still don’t know about your target audience, it’s time to start defining them. If you don’t know the language used by your target audience then hire someone who does.

  • Define your niche

Once you have determined your target audience its time for you to define your niche. Defining your niche would allow you to concentrate on your expertise so that you can focus on one specific subject. So if you are about to start a blog, the first thing you need to do is define your niche and become an expert in that niche. Moreover, writing content for niche websites is also a good way of establishing your credibility.

  • Find out the existing content which performs well

Once your niche has been determined, you need to discover the existing content within that niche which can be found on the first page of Google. This research would make it clear that other content marketers within your niche are very keen on following the industry trends of that niche. Now you need to concentrate on creating a detailed and compelling post on your niche which would add value to the readers and prompt a few shares.

  • Add value through your content

As we have already mentioned before, short, spun or fluff content doesn’t add much value to the readers and therefore cannot be considered a useful tool for trust building. If you are looking forward to creating content which fosters trust then make sure to write something unique which would add massive value to your audience. In order to do this, you need to lay your hands on a few valuable pieces of similar content and then come up with a far more valuable version of those contents. When your audience comes across something new and interesting they would automatically be prompted to share it with their friends and peers.

Wrapping it up here…

Building trust with your readers by creating short content is no easy deal. If you are trying to create a unique piece of content then make sure to put in a lot of time, commitment and research. All your efforts would be more than doubly rewarded when it catches the attention of your audience and starts converting them into returning customers.

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