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One of the only platforms to have maintained it’s quality to a certain extent is Quora. If you un-follow certain people and certain topics, Quora can still provide you really high quality content. This makes it a great platform where users spend many hours a day and it attracts people of certain quality.

Quora is still not a blatant self-promotion platform as that is frowned upon.  But if used in ways that are useful to the readers, you can drive very high quality traffic to your website from Quora.

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There are many writers on Quora who have gone on to get jobs, get published in top entrepreneurship magazines and also gain a lot of business.

So where do you start?

  • Write a strong bio page

Having a bio page that talks about yourself, your interests  that gives people more information about you. You can talk about your expertise in Industries and even share something personal about yourself. This brings legitimacy to your profile and it does not look spammy. A strong bio page is a minimum basic requirement.

quora profile

  • Choose your Niche and other Interesting Topics

The top performing Quora writers write across topics and don’t stick to only one. So pick a bunch of your favorite topics and focus on writing answers in those topics. Let two or three topics be around your area of expertise and what your business is about. Then let the other topics be a little diverse and popular topics that have a lot of eyeballs.

  • Know that Quora is not about Followers

Quora is not about the number of followers you have. It’s about the amount of views that your answer gets. The number of answers you write, more the views you get. The topics that are most popular also automatically get the most views. So if you are writing answers in Dating and Relationships then you will get a lot more views say compared to Quantum Physics.

  • The type of content that works well on Quora

Personal content works really well on Quora and content that is original and Informative. Lists always work because of how easy it is to consume the content. Highly valuable information which people don’t normally share are always appreciated. So try working on different styles of content.

  • Answer questions with high followers

This is an automatic way in getting in front of a lot of people. If a question has more than 500 followers it is guaranteed that at least 100 to 200 people will read your answer and this automatically means your content is more widespread. So a good strategy would be is to prepare an excel sheet and split the questions based on topic and the number of followers. Once you perform this exercise then you get a ready set of questions that you can answer.

  • Start a Quora blog

Quora has an option that lets you start a blog. This blog can have content relating to your business and your specific Industry at large that adds a lot of value to people. This blog can be a bit more self-promotional about your business compared to the other content on Quora.

  • Know how to promote your website or blog

A lot of writers get it wrong. They write long and meaningful answers and at the bottom of every answer they have a message that says “Follow Me” or “Join my blog”. Any impact that post had would be lost. It is better to promote your content in a natural and flowing way. Does it seem like it’s relevant. Here is an example.

quora marketing

Take a look at how the author has mentioned his book in passing and also says that he’s written more about that particular topic in his book. This is a good way of promoting because when a person is reading your answer and likes a particular section, the author redirects them to a much more detailed piece that they’ll be interested in. This is how self-promotion should be. Contextual and helpful.

  • Consistency

A lot of marketers look for quick results, but to be successful on a platform like Quora, consistent effort is required. One or two good answers and people will remember only the answer, if you want to be remembered then you need to focus on producing more high quality content on a regular basis.

  • Write answers on Trending topics

Quora has a trending topics section and it’s a great way to get more people to see your content, views and writing style because a lot more people are likely to be interested in fresh and new content. This is also called “News Jacking”, where marketers use the latest news to get shared and increase their social media reach.

  • Read a lot

To write good content on Quora that will be appreciated, you need to read a lot about a lot of things. Having knowledge of just the most popular things on the Internet will not help. Being a Quora Influencer has a lot to do with personal experiences and the amount of knowledge that the authors possess.

  • 11. Interact with other Authors

Having conversations with other writers and voicing your opinions on other’s answers get you noticed as much as writing your answers. Starting intellectual and meaningful discussions that add value to the community can also be done in the comments section of other’s answers. So don’t be hesitant and participate.

Contributing on Quora can be a very fruitful pastime because of the impact it can have on your personal life and business. When attempting to market on Quora, let the marketing not be forced and let it be natural. You can have a lot of fun on a platform like Quora and there are many benefits you can gain from it.

  • You become a subtle marketer and not a hard-seller
  • You tend to become a better writer
  • You have a social media presence that can always be leveraged.

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