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It has been almost over half-year since Instagram has introduced the “stories” feature to its users. This unique feature lets the users share their special moments with their followers and the best part about the Instagram stories is that they disappear after a period of 24 hours. This feature was originally native to Snapchat. Snapchat has a similar “My Story” feature which lets the users share their special moments with others on Snapchat. Clearly, Instagram took inspiration from its much-a-like sibling and included the feature within itself. Since its launch over 150 million daily users has used the feature to get connected with their friends and followers on Instagram.

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Now, Instagram has confirmed that they are planning to run full-screen ads on the Instagram stories. It was announced back in January this year that the full-screen advertisements are joining the league in Instagram Stories. And the feature has already been tested by thirty top global brands as a probable way to promote their business across the boundaries. Yes, over thirty global brands including the like of Nike, Airbnb and Capital One has tested the feature and they have found it very amusing. So now it is officially confirmed that all the business organisations can begin running their ads on the Instagram stories which are highly optimised for reaching a wider scale of audience.

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The R&D team of Instagram has explained that by vouching for the optimised reach the companies can showcase their advertisements in front of a wide range of audience and they will also be able to control how often the audiences see the advertisements. The business team of Instagram has also added to it by saying that the objective of reaching out to a wide number of audiences is currently under development and the feature of running advertisements on Instagram will be made available to the businesses all over the world within a very short amount of time.

During the testing of the full-screen ad feature, Airbnb had made a series of 15 seconds advertisement videos and those were a major hit among their customers. According to the business team of Instagram, the Airbnb experts made a series of 15-second advertisement videos to create the awareness among people about this latest feature more and more businesses get inclined to it and to start a fuss among the customers about the Instagram stories around the launch of their largest product till date. The experiment of Airbnb was a major and it literally doubled their number of ad recall. Yes! With Instagram stories ad campaign, Airbnb managed to get a double digit figure in its ad recall. Moreover, when the people were surveyed and were asked to choose a company perfect for the local tours as well as the travellers in terms of booking tickets and gain amazing experiences then Airbnb witnessed an unexpected rise in the number of people choosing them.

Hence, there is no doubt that the full-screen ads in stories will be a major promotional tool among the businesses all over the world to promote their business. Now, it is just time to see the feature come online fully and to see how the story unfolds.

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