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Transforming into a top WordPress developer involves a considerable amount of work, which will require adequate time, effort and determination. They tips given below will help you on the way to becoming one of the best WordPress Developers in the market:

One Hour of Reading a Day

Professionals looking to make it to the top as a WordPress Developer, one needs to spend a bare minimum of an hour everyday just reading and learning more about WordPress outside of development work. This is highly useful since mastering WordPress will take up a considerable amount of time.

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Hanging Out With the Right Crowd

It makes a great deal of sense to spend time with those WordPress professionals who are already on the top of their WP game. This can be done by reading their blogs, following them on Twitter and contributing to feedback on their ideas online. One can also go to WordCamps to meet these individuals and listen to them talk.
Other resources to interact with such WordPress Professionals are WordPress Codex, Books on WordPress and various Blogs on WordPress. One can follow the advice of such individuals and report back for further info.

Understanding the Best Technology

One of the fundamental requirements for mastering WordPress as a developer is to understand the technology that is associated with it. People who are already programmers and are familiar with PHP/MySQL will be at an advantage while learning the tech. It is a good practice to stay updated with the latest technology trends.
Here are great ways to start with the process of technology familiarization:
• Learn PHP and MySQL
It is best to learn the best practices and upgrade the ones that are probably out-of-date.
• Explore the Codebase
Discovering the existing codebase will help familiarize oneself with how WordPress is structured.
• Run the Nightly
It is also recommended to setup a local development environment and run the nightly build as a way to stay up-to-date on WordPress as it’s being developed.

Do the Homework

The next essential step to WP mastery is to put into practice what you have been learning.
One can start off with his/her own WordPress websites. Post reading a tutorial one can practice applying it on their own website, exploring its respective functions, tracking and noting down what was learnt. A few areas to explore are WordPress APIs, Ajax in WordPress and WordPress PHP Classes.

Gaining Experience with CMS WordPress

After a little bit of experimenting and R&D it is good step to amass real-time experience in WordPress Development. Your best bet is to take on various clients, and join the WordPress Community for maximum work exposure. One can also develop a public theme and a plugin and do things like contribute patches to notch up considerable experience in WP development. It is also a good practice to master the process of De-bugging.

One can also be an active member of the WordPress community by writing tutorials, contributing the codex, participating in forums and more. One can also present at WordCamps.

If your are a Singaporean, you can take the chance of taking up online courses on Udemy for free. Visit this link to find out more.

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