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Link juice is a term use by Digital Marketers that refers to the “power” passed to a website via links from either external or internal sources. This power is often been seen as a vote of recommendation toward your website and is one of the most essential factors in determining your web’s search ranking.

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Suppose you’ve got sites A and B. If all alternative ranking factors are constant and web site A has one link whereas site B has no links, web site A can rank higher in search results because of the link juice it receives from the external site linking to that. What happens if website B also gains one link? this relies on the number of juice every link passes. investigate the diagram below. website A receives links from four sites whereas B receives links from 2 sites. All the linking sites receive link juice from alternative sites too. Since A receives links from additional sites, there’s a lot of link juice being transferred to A and consequently A is probably going to rank over B in search results. Note: These results assume the sites linking to A and B have the same authority.


Another issue to think about is that passing link juice happens in each directions. So, this currently allow us to say that the websites linking to site A all conjointly link to different sites too (represented by the grey arrows within the diagram below), whereas the websites linking to site B only solely link to B. During this case the proportion of link juice that B receives is more than the proportion of link juice web site A receives. This will increase website B’s probability at ranking better than site A.
It accustomed be the case that the nofollow attribute can be accustomed preserve the loss of link juice. This method was referred to as PageRank sculpting. This was done to control link juice such its flow was focused on sure pages of a web site instead of spreading equally over all the pages. Check with the diagrams below for a illustration of this idea.

link juice

In the 1st diagram, you’ll see that with do-follow links (links that aren’t no-followed) the transfer of link juice is equally distributed to all or any the outgoing links from an internet site. PageRank sculpting was doable once a webmaster superimposed a nofollow attribute to 1 of the outgoing links, that meant that the link juice wouldn’t transfer to the page that’s no-follow however would be distributed to the opposite links. This can be shown within the second diagram. this can be now not true. At the moment link juice is passed the “normal” manner notwithstanding whether or not you employ a nofollow or not. You’ll be able to see within the third diagram that the positioning distributes its link juice to all or any 3 sites equally, the distinction is that the no-followed link doesn’t receive it.

linked tactic   linking tactic     link strategy


As such, it is understandable that you may be worried about the dilution of link juice from your home page to nofollow links on your footer or sidebar. The best practice is to discourage the flow of link juice to spam comments and links posted on blogs with a nofollow attribute. On the opposite, when it comes to internal linking on a website, it is a good practice to allow a natural flow of link juice rather than controlling it with nofollow attributes. The link power distributed within your website allows you to maintain popularity of your inner pages  as well as your home page. This strategy collectively improves the PageRank of your home page in the long run.

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